In Your Splendor

God said:

You have rather looked at life as something to surmount, something to get past, perhaps to get away with unnoticed, and if you're lucky, unscathed. It seems like you often hide from life, trying to escape it, or you attack it in word or deed, trying to win.

Life is not a contest. It is not a wrestling match.

Consider life like a piece of tough meat. You don't give up on it and walk away from it nor do you try to devour it whole. You chew it. You take a little time with it and let it digest.

Digesting isn't trying to figure it out. It's letting it settle, and then you get up, and you stand stronger and higher.

Life is a spiral. It is a double helix. Life weaves you, and you are stronger. Because you are stronger, you rise higher.

Life establishes you.

We can say you are steel, and life tempers you.

But do not think you submit to life.

Do not think you submit to Me.

You rise to Me.

And that is the story of your life.

The flower that grows in your garden does nothing but grow to Me, and in so doing, it fulfills itself. Its obedience is in rising to the Sun. It reveals itself and unabashedly grows. It grows upward. It doesn't make more of itself, because it can only be itself, but it lets what it is go on stage and be seen, a willing partner. It does not judge itself higher or lower. It does not compare itself up or down. It expresses itself. It reaches its height in full glory, and then it withdraws gracefully only to arise again in its cycle.

Life is a bicycle-wheel spinning, and it is the easiest thing in the world.

And life for you is easy when you let it be. Don't throw a fly in the ointment. Don't hold it back, and don't push it forward. Let it be, because life isn't something you manage or maneuver. It is something you experience, drop, and go on.

You watch what occurs on the screen of life. Yes, you participate, but you are also the observer. We can say your body participates in life while you learn from it.

But what is it you learn? That's hard to say. Life isn't a lesson exactly, although you do learn from it.

Life isn't exactly a filing project that you do either, although you do file it.

It isn't exactly a role you play, although you do play a role.

You do complete a function. You are here on earth for My glorification, if only you knew what that meant.

One thing is to stay stalwart with Me. It is good to walk in My company. It is the best. It is what you are here for, to become reacquainted with Me. Get to know Me, not in your life's past performance, or the world's, but Me now, as I stand before you and behind you and with you and within you.

Engage in holiness with Me. Do as I do which is to look into your eyes constantly. I seek you out. I face you, but I do not confront. I am available. I avail Myself of you. Now, you, avail yourself of Me. Do not go it alone when you can go it with Me. You have a free Partner here, One Who considers your every welfare, One Who is farseeing, and Who will give you His vision.

Here it all is. It is for you. See far, and see wide. See further. See all the way to Me. I have bet on you, and I make sure bets. It is not that I win. It is that I am right. And I am right about you. And you are coming to see the truth of you as I do see you in your splendor.