Ego Consciousness

God said:

You are much more conscious of your smallness than your Greatness. If it were not for that, you would not spend so much of your life trying to pump yourself up in all the ways you do. You would indeed be thinking more of Me and thinking more like Me. You would start representing Me more than you would your littleness. Instead of thinking, Oh, what should I do, you might ask yourself, in any troubling situation, what would God do?

When you put yourself in My shoes, immediately your problem is sliced in half, or three-quarters, or the problem isn't there any more at all. The situation may remain. When you begin to think the way I do, the problem has no choice but to reconfigure itself. What was the problem anyway? Whatever the situation, in most cases, your problem is nothing more than ego. Even your biggest problems, whatever their names, ego lurks, or ego stars. But when you raise yourself to My consciousness, ego putters out. Poof! It is smart enough to know that it cannot stay in My light. It retreats.

In fact, you begin to realize how much ego conducts your life, that shabby little martinet ego of yours. Don't defend your ego now. Don't pat it on its back. Don't begin to think that it is vital to you. If you didn't think you needed it, you wouldn't have it. Ego serves only to keep you in old thinking, and therefore where you are.

If you have felt insulted in the past twenty-four hours, ego has been at play. You are insulted because someone didn't value you or what you give highly or highly enough, so you are piqued. Insulted, you wear a banner across your chest that says: "I am more than you give me credit for."

The bigger truth is that you are more than YOU give yourself credit for, or you would not take umbrage. If you could accept that you are all I say you are, you would not play in the field of ego. You would not. You could not.

You would be playing in the field of love. It has no bandstand, but it is a greater field. It is an endless field, the field of love. It has no boundaries while ego has nothing but boundaries right and left.

You may think you have no choice about continuing your ego, as though it exists outside you and is like the weather that you are powerless about. That is one of your mistaken thoughts. "I can't help it," you say. "So and so makes me feel bad. This and that make me feel bad."

There is another much-used technique of ego at your disposal that you have been relying on. Instead of feeling bad, the other party is bad, or stupid, or small. You issue judgment as a way to assuage your ego. Ego would make you a martyr, a self-righteous one. It would make you a finger-pointer. It would make itself the last word.

Remember I am, the First and the Last, and My Word is…Love.

Life often doesn't go the way you want. People in it don't do what you want, and not even what they want because, as with you, ego has been their chief advisor. Have you not been sputtering at life, calling it to task, trying to reform it to suit your guidelines? Have you not considered life a board game, and you the mover of the men on it?

All the while, you are one of the men on it who is in the process of discovering that he stands above the board, and his moves have no need to be signaled by what another player does, nor by some rules of the game, but rather by a desire to play a different game, a new game on another plane with no rule but the rule of love.

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God's Word, Love

"Remember I am, the First and the Last, and My Word is…Love."
My new favorite Heavenletters quote!

Reading this, I remember all the solved ego problems for the last 24 days, all solved by God's Word, Love! Love love love. God, love Your Word. Love 'Love'.

Beloved Indonesian

Beloved Indonesian Translator, how beautifully you accept and receive God and His word.. Is it really true that you are fourteen years old going on fifteen? I am wowed by your maturity, Felicia.

You solved ego difficulties in 24 days! And you did it with love?

I just realized that this is a Heavenletter from many years ago. Ah, so you are reading past Heavenletters as well as current ones.

I believe quite a few people are doing that now.

All blessings, dear Felicia.

God said in Swing on a Star

God said in Swing on a Star that I am not my age, so I'm not fourteen :)

I don't know how else to solve ego problems but with love :) after all, I don't think there's anything I can do, if it's not for love :)

Felicia, you are absolutely

Felicia, you are absolutely correct! You are not your age. You are Infinity, Vastness, Love. At the same time, you are remarkable, and I am so proud of you and happy to have you here.

You are a wise woman.

Thank you, Gloria. I

Thank you, Gloria. I appreciate your very-kind compliments. :)