How High Is the Sky?

God said:

Something important is going on, but you can't quite put your finger on it. That which you cannot quite put your finger on — that is your growth. What you can put your finger on, you have already absorbed. That which you cannot put your finger on is something emerging, just coming into view around the corner. It is on the horizon, not quite discernible, and yet you reach for it.

Be glad for that which you cannot yet grasp, for it is vast. That which is not yet in your hand lets you know that there is more. You may call this gap confusion. If it is a maelstrom, it is a maelstrom of particles of light. A new star is appearing, and is waiting for you to catch it.

You long to be settled. You would like to be a settler, move in, stay in one place, but you find that you are a pioneer, ever moving forward into new territory. But, ah, is it the territory that is new or is it you who is yet the undiscovered plain. Are you, who is the discoverer, also the discovery? Are you the journeyer or are you also the journey and all the way there? What do you seek to discover, and who is seeking it? Perhaps it seeks you.

Attraction is mutual. All the glory of life seeks you, and you fumble around for it, for that is your way of seeking. That is good. You grope. That way you will find something. You will find the light.

I seek you, and you seek Me. We are seekers of each other. We seek acknowledgment from each other. We seek that which We already have but do not possess. I have My full awareness of you, but I avidly seek your awareness of Me. I have you safe next to My heart, but you do not yet know where you are. And so you seek your place in life. You seek to be grounded, and yet you have that dimple of awareness that you must soar.

You are preparing for flight. You are preparing for leaps of consciousness. You pole vault, and each time you go higher. There is no limit to the Heavens, just as there is no limit to you. As far as the eye can see isn't so far after all. Come closer, and you will begin to see over the horizon. Lean a little bit. Don't worry, you won't fall. You can only rise.

That there is no direction but up does not mean that you are at the bottom. You are far above where you started, and you can never go back, for your consciousness is yours. You are a sailor of the Heavenly Seas. On land or on sea, you are a sailor. You are not really looking for the shore. You are not looking for a safe cove. You are not looking to land, although you are looking to alight. You are looking for the High Seas to sail on, for that is where you are at Home.

You roll on the waves of life, and you also rise above them.

There is no straight line for you. There are only curves in nature, and you are part of nature. The earth is round, after all. Everywhere you are, you are just as close to the center. You are very close to the heart of life. It cannot escape you. You hear its pulse. It is pulsating you in waves. The waves stir you. But you cannot hold on to waves.

But I hold you, and I hold you high.