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Dharma and Greg - Dharma meets the perfect guy

I am sure most (If not all) are familier with Dharma and Greg uplifting tv comedy series.I saw an episode called "The Ex-Files" and found this part to be amusing and inspiring.

Greg ex-girlfriend shows up in Dharma and greg's life, And confess she still in love with Greg, So dharma decides to pick up a man for her.....
I loved Dharma's conclusion at the end... :O)

I too love Dharma's

I too love Dharma's conclusion at the end :p

Hagi, you are kind of multimedia genious am I right ? Well, love you postings, thanks !


Lol @ multimedia

Lol @ multimedia genius.....HAHAHAHHA
I am an humble computer technician....
Tried to upload the video to google video, But without success......

This show is very inspiring in my taste. To see how people with different point of view can love each other and co-exist....I thought to myself that a partner like Dharma can really make you practice unconditional love....There was a chapter that a friend visits her and she tells greg that they were LOVERS.....You should see his eyes pops-out....This show really make you think and is almost non-judgemental in the way that other shows are...