Desiring Happiness

God said:

No matter how difficult your life may seem to you right now, you are founded with My love, and the truth is that, not only do you have My love, you cannot escape it. Whatever you may be going through, no matter how dismally it assails you, no matter how rightfully or not rightfully, you have Me fully with you. I am a full-fledged God. I am not a retiring God.

Your life may go up and down, yet I am steady. Despite despair you may go through, you worry because you worry. You suffer because you suffer. Your heart aches because your heart aches. With affliction or without affliction, your heart finds despair on its own reconnaissance.

Although you often find support for despair, sometimes despair visits you without any sensible reason, yet, there you are, filled with despair. It’s like, somehow, despair got triggered, and you really don’t know what brought it on. Suddenly, despair is nesting within you. Yesterday you were pretty good, and today you find yourself in disarray. How, why, for how long will you continue to feel this way, you don’t know.

Dear Ones, perhaps despair within you gets covered up and sometimes, alas, despair leaks out and blindsides you. Somehow or another, despair lurks within you. Regardless of what outside events seemingly cause this Intruder Named Despair, the source is within you. Despair may capitalize on outside events, yet despair gets on center stage directly from inside you. You have carried despair within you for a long time, way too long.

I understand that you may not be able to deplete all manifestations of despair’s grip on you by your will, yet despair does not have to ravage you. You don’t have to give despair such leverage. You give despair way too much permission. Despair is not mightier than you. Oh, yes, despair may give you sucker punches. You do not have to succumb to them. You do not have to go down for the count. You don’t have to give in to despair. Despair arrives, and you are receptive to despair. Don't go along with the idea that despair is mightier than you or has a rightful place in your life at all.

It’s like you credit despair more than you credit happiness. Happiness is a force for life. Make friends with happiness. Turn away from despair. Despair is its own kind of ego.

You give despair too much credit. You may make it easy for despair to take over while you fuss around questioning happiness. Support happiness as you do despair. You don’t insist that despair prove itself. You enter wholeheartedly into despair while you wait and wait for happiness to prove itself. Happiness is not always so assertive.

You may also be wanting to defend despair and make it very real. You readily admit despair and give happiness a hard time. You want happiness to speak louder.

At this very moment, you can raise the flag of happiness in all its colors. You can walk over to happiness, beloveds. If happiness is on the other side of the street, cross to the other side of the street. You have been quick to join arms with despair. Join arms with happiness.

Despair gets your attention. It centers you on yourself. Despair seems to tap you on the shoulder. It calls you over to it, and you go running. At the least, despair notices you while it may seem that happiness walks right past you.

You, yourself, can tap happiness on the shoulder. Happiness will stop for you. May you be as quick to notice happiness in its early stages as you are to await the grasp of despair. Make your choices, beloveds. You are not such a victim as you like to think.

If you are, indeed, such a victim, you are the one who decides you are and hangs on to the idea.

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With each new day that I am gifted, I lovingly allow fulfillment and completeness to Be the Gifts I Give to Me. Self Love is my gift to God. Thank you God for Loving Me even when I did not see my worth. I appreciate your Eternal Patience and I Love You and I Love this Forum named Heaven Letters.