Unhappiness Revisited

God said:

So connected to Me are you as you read Heavenletters, yet you are shaken whenever old dishearted-ness starts stirring. You might call this unexpected stage of life Unhappiness Revisited.

You thought you had surpassed dismalness. You thought you were done with all that, yet, apparently, there was more to come. You don’t want it. You have had enough, yet heartache continues. You are bewildered. You are right, life is not supposed to be like this.

You ask yourself:

“Can suffering be no more than my way of thinking? Have I picked up suffering once again? If it’s somehow my choice, I demand to know why I would do that. If I am not the one who chooses this, then I am a hapless victim. Is unhappiness thrust on me, or do I choose it? Why would I?"

You would beat your chest to get this negativity out of your life.

Of course, you have had enough heartache for several lifetimes. It would be helpful if your re-emerging emotional pain would mean it is leaving once and for all. You thought it had already left, and now, here it is again, nipping at your heels.

Life is sometimes heavy on you. This was not supposed to happen. You sit defeated as if in an extended waiting room, waiting when it is your turn to be restored to happiness forevermore.  

Right now you do not know what would make you happy. You may think happiness isn’t for you. You don’t even know what happiness would look like right now, and you don’t know where to find it. You are good, however, at feeling down and incapable of finding happiness. You had happiness more than once. You had it once for a long time. Where did it go?

Now I ask you, beloveds, who or what denies you the happiness that once was a premium part of you? You may not even glimpse the possibility for happiness any longer. You thought I was your happiness, and, right now, now it seems that I do not award you your due. You would like Me to slip you into a more optimistic mood.

The doldrums you find yourself in right now amount to a mood. Who says that nothing can make you happy? You are the only one I hear saying that. Despondency is a passing shadow. It is never permanent. Dear ones, in the world, nothing is permanent except the true basis of you.

The true basis of you is filled with sunshine. The true basis of you is serene and unshakable, quite a contrast to all the ups and downs and back and forth aching of yours that you retreat to now.

Sense of trouble is an old acquaintance of yours. Much of your happiness has been newness, just as it is when you get a new pair of shoes or a house or a car. How you love newness.

You were so excited when I arrived at your doorstep. You breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back and enjoyed the new view. How happy you were with Me.

Letting go of the need to control allowed you to receive and accept great happiness, and then need to control resurfaced, and now you hang on to your outmoded refusal to let go. Come back to looking forward. Happiness is your natural state. Resistance is a monkey wrench thrown in.

Don't say: "How can I be happy? When is my happiness coming back?"

As soon as you claim your happiness, you will have it again. Yes, you are the one who says you have happiness or you don't. Accept your happiness. Say Yes. Bring your happiness forward. Open it now.