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Death, Dying and Loss

Death, Dying and Loss

God Said:

This subject of death and dying is one of the most misunderstood areas of humankind. It is the subject that strikes fear in all of my children. Once, you view this subject from God’s point of reference, or viewpoint, it will help you see things differently and to help you heal from your separations.

Does death bring pain and anguish to my beloved children? Yes, of course, and this is to be expected and allowed by all. This separation seems so complete and final that it brings this pain up for anyone remaining. The grieving process is a necessary process that one should go through completely. No one can tell you when this grieving process is final or complete. You will know it when it is complete. Do not speed this process along to please others, for in so doing, you will hurt yourself and delay your healing. This process of grieving for the death of a loved one whether it be a human being or a beloved pet is a personal decision.

What is the grieving process? Again, it is quite organic to humans. It involves pain over the loss of that person or pet not being around any more in the physical. It seems that this is the last time this one will ever be around again. It seems so complete and final that the divine understands your feelings about this and would never correct you for this grieving process. It is natural for all humans to feel these feelings of pain and separation. This is how you are constructed and wired. You cannot but feel this hurt and pain…it is an integral part of who you are in physicality.

I want to tell you from my perspective, from the perspective of the divine, what death really is, and what the true reality of death is, so that you can be comforted in your loss. From my viewpoint, there is never any death. Death is only your perception, and is real indeed to you. No one ever dies. They just change form. They just transition and graduate, they just return home. From heavens perspective it is a huge celebration and nothing but admiration and celebration for the precious soul that has never been separated from me, only separated from you.

The lights truly come on when this soul returns and the memory is revitalized in this soul. They now remember why they had this earthly experience and what their purpose on earth was. They are honored by all souls and the divine for this great sacrifice they have made and contributed to all on this earthly plane. They have accomplished their mission for this lifetime and then began to contemplate their next visit and incarnation again.

There is no judgment from my perspective for these souls that return. They actually judge themselves. This judgment is not the judgment you have been taught of whether one receives any punishment or torment. There is none of this kind of judgment with the divine. It is only praise and celebration. It is a huge graduation ceremony and all you are all there too…you are just not aware of it from your human perspective. Remember, you are never separated in spirit from God your Father. You are always with me and I am always in you. Separation is only a human experience and is not part of my experience with you…and is only a perception of humans. It is absolutely impossible for you to be separated from me. All separation from Spirit is man made. I am never separated from you. It is impossible. Once, you realize this from a deeper soul level you will never grieve a death of a loved one, or any supposed loss in life. Will you miss that person or pet? Yes, you will miss them greatly. Is it alright to grieve this supposed loss? Yes, of course my sweet child. Cry, mourn and feel this temporary separation completely. It is only natural and right for you. Never berate yourself for this process and never let anyone else tell you it is time to give the process up. Only you will determine this.

From the viewpoint of your loved ones I want you to know how they feel being home again. They feel as free as a bird, as you would say. They feel the love of the divine without any layers of ego or encumbrances of the physical body they left behind. Their spirits are all known by everyone in the non-physical, and even though they do not have a human body like on earth, they are in the embodiment of spirit. This body, or more correctly, their form is spiritual in nature. It can take on any form though. Everyone here at home communicates perfectly and effectively. In fact, the communication here is never misconstrue d, as there is perfect communication and no static coming through the thinking process.

Everyone here knows things intuitively from the soul level, which is eternal. Everyone here communicates not verbally, but non-verbally, through the power of thought energy. You actually do this too, but you are less aware of it. It actually, is your best way to communicate with others on your earthly plane. You call this thought and body language now. You have not developed this attribute to your fullest yet, but if you practice more non-verbal communication, you would find it very accurate and complete. Most of you don’t want to practice it because you think it is weird. It is actually organic and part of all you are.

Do your loved ones that have departed ever think of you or miss you? Yes, they think of you always. You have never left them from their perspective. They see everything you do on this earth and do not judge you but only feel compassion and love for you. Sometimes, they will try to get your attention so that you are aware they are OK. They will visit you in dreams and talk to you. You will perceive this as merely a dream, but it actually is reality. They are really talking to you and telling you that they are alright and happy. Sometimes, you will feel their presence. Sometimes a memory will come to your mind that reminds you of them. This is how they communicate with you all the time. They will even try to get your attention through other energy channels such as electricity or other electric devices in your environment. This strikes some fear and in trepidation in you, but it is just their way of notifying you that they are still a round.

When you finally transition, they will be right there to greet you too, as if they had never left. These are your soul group my child. They are here for you and you are here for them. They are some of your best friends and confidants. They know you so well, and you know them on this same soul level. When you transition and go back home they will be there celebrating your return. They will be there helping you plan your next visit and incarnation to physicality again too. Some of these you will be surprised to see, are those that seemingly wounded and hurt you in this life, to help you get what you came to earth for. It was their contract with you, and your contract or agreement with them. You will see them differently when you transition. You will see them glorified and in the
Spirit state and not in their ego-state. You will see them as I see them and you will cry, and rejoice with great joy for the love that they bestowed upon you. On earth, you saw it as them giving you pain and regret. In heaven, it will all be transmuted and turned into great joy and laughter. You will laugh at yourselves very much when you finally transition back home.

You will meet your beloved guides who have nurtured you throughout this earthly lifetime. You will know them completely and without any static of humanality or ego-thought. Everyone in spirit and in heaven loves you completely and without judgment. Any judgment you perceive has been perpetrated upon you by others. It is never by me. How could I judge myself my child? This is not part of my nature; it is only part of the human nature. It is not me. I only and always unconditionally love you. That is what I do.

So, even though you feel this human pain of a supposed death or loss, just know that this does not exist in the heavenlies. You are always with me dear child. I have never left you, nor will I ever leave you. I love you so much and I hope you will understand that your loved ones are in very good hands…the hands and the embrace of God, their creator. They are indeed back home again. It is a homecoming celebration that we have.



Submitted by: D. Scott Arant