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God's Personification

It's all upside down
Turned inside out
This pervading, backwards ass-imilating belief
That we
He, she
Or anyone at all
Is ever in any kind of judgment or ultimate danger
In fact
Here's the deal
Regarding this act
That takes what's Real
Creative Source
And makes it into some caricature
Capable of alarm
Reactive, in fear
That could then, somehow, cause some kind of
Or the most unkind kind of, harm
This illusion upheld and believed
Is Peace not yet Seen as received
Is all on us
Forgetting of trust
So easily swayed or waylaid
We turn God into the same thing
For what does one then do
To avoid said waylaying
One protects and defends
One fights
Afraid of some kind of end
This is all pretend
Our make believe
That says
"Well, if we act this way
And God made us
Then surely God must act the same"
Again, backwards ass-imilation
Such silly children
We can be
When all we need "do" is Be
As God
Would have us be
In the Truth that Love
Divinely Free