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Living on the Edge

God to Scott Arant

So many today are feeling uncomfortable with life the way it is. And, this is many times the only way I can get you to start moving again. You wonder why you are so dissatisfied with life and the way you picture it to be. Did you ever wonder why? Maybe it’s because it is time to move. It might be that your own soul is calling you deeper into me.

If, you were totally happy with the things you see, feel, and enjoy you would not want to move at all. You would just stay complacent and clueless. This uncomfortable feeling, this feeling of uneasiness…could just be me…calling you into deeper territory…maybe even to the edge…Are you feeling edgy? Maybe, you should.

Contrast and storms are coming into many of your lives. This feeling of utter dissatisfaction might just be a stirring of the pot…the pot of what you call your life. Without this stirring or the re-arranging of all you thought to be making you feel uncomfortable, what if this was my call to take you to the edge?

Why the edge? Why not something easier or smoother? Maybe it’s because that is where I dwell. Maybe it’s because you will find your answers there. After all, at the edge, you have fewer choices to play with. Your choice is to go to the edge…which always leads to the sea…or to stay where you are and experience what you have always experienced…the predictable…even the mundane.

God is not in the predictable…He is always in that which you call unpredictable. The place of faith and trust is where I dwell. Why trust when everything is clear? Why trust when there is nothing to put your faith in? It is easy to have faith and trust when you know exactly every step to take without having any fear of falling or stumbling.

So many want the easy way…the way that is predictable…dependable…and so logical. This is not the place of Spirit…this fosters complacency and passivity. I am always on the move…I am always expanding into newer horizons…I stand on the edge and I laugh.
Can you laugh at the edge? When your back is against the wall what do you do? I tell you to go to the edge…climb deeper with me to the sea below. I am the sea and I am not predictable. I am dependable though. You can trust and have utter and complete faith in me.

It is easy to be status quo…to have need of nothing. Anyone can live that way. Are you an overcomer? Jesus was an overcomer. How can you be an overcomer? You must first have something to overcome. Makes sense, doesn’t it. What is standing in your way? What are you overcome with? Do you want to overcome like Jesus? You can…come to the edge. Cut yourselves loose from the predictable and that which causes complacency.

Come to the edge where I am. I will take you into depths and heights unknown and unexplored. Where did your childlike faith and curiosity run off to? Where did your courage go? You can easily find it again deep within. It has always been there why not find the place of God again?

So, if you are feeling edgy…go to the edge my beloved. Cut all the strings and chords that bind you and hold you back from me. Let it all go. It is not worth anything anyway is it? It is just the trappings of life. It will all pass…but I will never pass…and you will not either. It is time for you to be a superhero…the superhero that you already are…just like your brother Jesus and your Father God…this is who you really are.

Man will lie to you and say the earth is flat, or you can’t do this, or don’t do that. What does that mean and where has it gotten you so far? It has led you only to a place of utter and abject poverty of heart and, to your soul’s destitution. This has not served you well. You are princes and princesses. Start to act like you are a child of God. You have everything you need or would ever desire with me. I am rich. So are you. You just act like you are not.

So, my child, go to the edge. I will not let you fall. I will bear you up on eagle’s wings and together we will fly or scale the mountain. We will overcome because we are a team…inseparable and undefeatable.

You are never alone with me. I will bear you up when you can’t go any further. All you have to do is look to me…trust in me…have faith in me. I cannot lose…and either can you lose. All supposed loss is just an illusion anyway. It is impossible to lose with me at your side. The game is over. You are a winner!!! Start acting like one!!!



As loving, encouraging,

As loving, encouraging, uplifting, empowering, freeing as the 'Heavenletters' and rich in wisdom and truth!

Scott, thank you for sharing it here!


Hi again Xenia, Thanks for

Hi again Xenia,
Thanks for your divine encouragment. You are loved!


Scott/God...this hits home

Scott/God...this hits home hard...but just because things are feeling as hard and because when it's constantly seemingly comfy that's when i or things must be about the Way...of's an interesting world, this one...yet since life is what we make of's only painful and hard if i choose it to be...and could we choose for light lest there be "dark" could we re-member, reconnect without the illusion of being apart...rather, am I, are We, a Part of the changing Unchanged...thanks...a bunch and keep it's quite inspiring this God "work" U love...mike

Hi Mike, You are on the path

Hi Mike,
You are on the path my brother...Remember, you are never alone doing this...the thing called living and life. God, by his Spirit is with you all the way. You have your angels and guides that want to know you better too. Don't forget them because they are some of the biggest gifts of Spirit to you. Consider life as it can be difficult at times and we wonder if Spirit is still with us. What if God gave you a gift that would help you every time and in every situation? Would you just leave it alone and act as if it were not really there? I would hope not. Consider your guides (usually at least two) as your partners on this life experience. Ask God to help you connect with them. They want to connect with you more than you know. Ask God to reveal your guides to you. They are some of your best friends on this pilgrimage we are on. They only love you and wish the best of God for your life. They have the tools to help you in every situation. Don't be afraid to ask God for this because it is a great gift to you. These are they, that are on the other side of the veil, that wait for us. They want to give you the secrets of God and the universe. They can offer you much wisdom with this trek called life.

Blessings and Love to you,

Wow...Scott...that's one of

Wow...Scott...that's one of the best channeled readings i've ever received...whether it's "just" part of a general teaching or something that came through it feels specifically for me, exactly what i most need to read or interesting and often i will feel within that somethings missing, that if only this or that will happen and i'll feel better...whereas the only thing missing is me connecting to what, who, is already there, Here...i've heard or read it said before that the soul is waiting to be heard from, connected with...the same with our heart...that i would moan and complain about a disconnected world seems quite trite and little and upside down when my/our peace is in the within of everything, and our angels, all around...ty deeply...michael:)

Hi again Micheal, Yes, it

Hi again Micheal,
Yes, it was specifically to you, because you called it to yourself. Making sense now?

You are on the path my brother. Once, you find out, or remember, who you really are, and not what you have been told who you are, you are on the path of the enlightened soul that you are Micheal. So, many of us are wallowing in the pigsty when we could be dining in the palace. You are in the palace, you never left. Your ego-mind created through repeated thoughts and beliefs has put you in the pigsty. You don't belong there my beloved. You are divinity in a body. Be it.

It is now time for you to move into it. You will not be dissapointed, in fact you will wonder why you wallowed in the pigsty for so long.
You could have dined on filet minon in stead of hash

You are blessed Micheal, now be the blessing to the world!

With love and gratitude for you Micheal,

Dearest Scott, thanks with

Dearest Scott,

thanks with all my heart and being for the blessings you are showering on all of us.
All that we need is given to us with perfect timing, and this time it is you.
Thanks for being such a lovely messenger !

Love and blessings

Hi Berit, Thanks again for

Hi Berit,
Thanks again for your kindness. I am glad these words are touching your heart. They touch mine too. :)

I am so glad to be the instrument and give you the song of the universe...

Blessings and Love,

That's some deep, hard

That's some deep, hard hitting, albeit loving stuff...thanks Scott for taking the time to share...mike:)