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Dear Gloria

hi, thanks for your time...this is the second half of my prior ?...if u will, when u can...mike

i guess i was just trying to understand if it's always this flow that comes through you or do you use any of your mental capacity with it?...i.e. personal thoughts/editing...with me it's both and i sometimes wonder if it's me speaking of what i know to be true attributes of God and Us or if it's more divinely inspired...again, prob the beginning of the year, it kinda came to me that this would be a project i'll do, or that'll work through me...but doubt creeps in if i can be open enough or diligent u stress or will...but for me it's also that it could be a way for me to break through with a first publication...not that that's the main reason but i see it as an opening for a new world of freedom, re:making a living and how i'm spending the hours, again a greater freedom of being...anyway...not sure there's much for u to say...just trying to clarify for me...thanks...mike

Beloved Mike, you have to

Beloved Mike, you have to realize I am a former English teacher! Except for your gorgeous poetry, if you would write in sentences I could follow your train of thought better!

But you have a first sentence!

This is such a vital question, Mike, and I'm glad you are giving me the opportunity to respond to it.

We have to leave our mental capacity out of it, Mike. Get the critic out.

In Godwriting(tm) workshops, we talk about left brain, right brain.

Left brain -- our conscious thinking brain, that logical linear sequential brain that, among other things, judges. In Godwriting, we have to let go of what something has to be. We have to let go of the idea of good or bad, or better and not so good.If we have to do "good" Godwriting or "great" Godwriting, then we're directing it, trying to improve it, and then it's not Godwriting. We really do have to be as the little child, just be innocent, and stay out of it.Otherwise, we block the flow. Left brain deals with what is already known.

Our right brain, on the other hand, deals more with the unknown. The right brain is creative. More heart than mind is involved with the right brain. A doctor, his last name is Morse, wrote a book in which he discovered an actual area of the heart that he called the God Spot. I take it to mean that the right brain is literally connected to the heart. Bernie Siegel said: "The heart is the cord that binds together the spiritual and the physical, the soul, and the finite world.

At the same time as we absolutely have to leave our mental capacity out of it, we are using words and we are typing etc. so we can't totally be without our mental capacity.

Mike, I asked you somewhere on the forum how you felt when you were Godwriting.

Also, Mike, everyone kinda wonders if they're influencing their Godwriting. Most especially at the beginning.

You will find lots more about the process of Godwriting on the Godwriting blog. Look on the right margin where it gives the categories. You'll see workshops there, and that will keep you busy for a while!

thanks...i'll admit most

thanks...i'll admit most def, that writing as such would be a microcosm of living life from a greater love...yet i wonder this as well...if we are vehicles for God's Love...perhaps are talents at hand are being used as His/Her Hand in this land to express through our everything being equal...though Truth is True it's's the path of our individual steps...taking place within, leading to, the same