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So many choices...

Jimi has his eye on a new sports car..But my goodness so many decisions....brand...series...model...options. But at last...we have zeroed in on the final contenders: three: the Audi ABL W12, the Mercedes Benz S65 and the Porsche Gt2. Now the Porsche is a bit pricey at just over $200,000...(before options, tax and delivery fees), but mind you the hp is 530 and the torq is....just plain staggering! Frankly...Im leaning toward the Porsche. The thing is Jimi wants to take a test drive and doesn't even have a license yet! What's a father to do? Jim...Loving you all with Jimi.

Oh Jim, sweetest father,

Oh Jim, sweetest father, don't worry. Jimi is an exellent driver ever since !!!! You will both enjoy it and not one single detail neither of the car nor of the ride will excape Jimi's attention.
Enjoy !!!! ... let us know how the ride went, dearest Jimi, pls !

Much love