Creation and Appreciation

God said:

You do not need "atmosphere" in order to nudge closer to Me. I am closer to you than you are to yourself. But if music and candles make you think it's easier to get a hold of Me, then turn on the music and light the candles. If music and light get you in the mood, by all means use them. Just know that no particular mood is needed in order for you to sense My presence. The only thing needed is My presence, and that you already have. You have the full-blown presence of God. All it takes is your awareness, not your effort, but your awareness. All it takes is the tiniest switch in your awareness, the slightest alertness, the slightest willingness to endow yourself with My love. Deem yourself worthy of it. Wait for nothing. There is nothing to wait for. You are My beloved, and I earnestly beseech your presence at the party I give for you.

Not one of you is unlikely. That is world thought. The world sees blemishes. I see beauty. I know beauty. I know you. You don't know yourself. As for the world, it hardly sees you at all, let alone have the grace to grasp the munificence of you. I, in contrast, see you only as you are, not as you are thought to be.

You are My dream come true. You are. You.

When you create a work of art, how does that make you feel? I don't have any of the worry you do, about how someone will take it, how they will construe or misconstrue. I simply had the pleasure of creating you. My creation of you and My appreciation of you cannot be taken apart. I know what I have wrought. I knew and know what I wrought when I wrought you. And I knew it was good.

I have not changed My mind. Simply because your mind wandered off and you see less than I see — that doesn't mean I wander off from you, nor do My affections.

What you are seeking is not Me. What you are seeking is your awareness of Me. That is all that is missing. It is not hiding somewhere. It can only be noticed. All that can happen is you begin to note: "Oh, yes, here God is. Right here in front of me. I just wasn't looking."

Finding Me is the same as finding the pen you put down on the table you sit at. It is the same as finding the spectacles on your nose. It is the same as finding the keys that are already in your hand.

I do not make Myself difficult to see. I do not make Myself anything. I AM. I am existence itself. I am the Love from which you were made, and I am the Love OF which you were made. And nothing has changed from the moment that I made you. You just haven't kept up. You have been distracted.

All the fuss and flurry are your distractions. They got your mind off its true subject. Your mind objectified the theme of life and made it a topic. You are so much more than a topic. No word about you begins to say the intent and extent of you. Words can only belie your truth, but they cannot change it. You are forevermore, and you are My beloved from the moment of creation. You are an impulse of Me. What more do you want? What more can there be?

There can only seem to be more of Me and more of you, but there cannot be more of the Fullness that We are. Only the recognition of what has always been remains to come into the light. Only the realization. Only the acceptance. Only the honor. Only the catching up. Only the matching of Truth with Truth.

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Gosh...Let's see...

Finding Me is the same as finding the pen you put down on the table you sit at. It is the same as finding the spectacles on your nose. It is the same as finding the keys that are already in your hand.

Gosh, let's see: I think I just misplaced God...I must have forgot where I put Him!!!

Isn't that funny? everwhere as this precious life we are and we perceive...moment by moment...God is so fresh and available, right here and right now.

And God is our friend too;...our bestest friend...cause He never leaves us and always loves us! Loving you too!

Jim and Jimi.

This is really great,

This is really great, Jim(i). And the first paragraph (which I saw as a film while reading) -- isn't it just hilarious. Love it.