Lift Your Thought to Me

God said:

What if you just pass the time of day with Me. What if it is not momentous but ordinary to exchange tidbits of thought with Me, I, Who hang on to every word of yours. What if We hang out? What if We sit together in silence. Must We talk? Can We engage in silence as well as in conversation? We can be together in every sense of the word. Let Us be. Let Us be what We are, the Oneness of Ourselves.

Let Us link Our thoughts as we do Our arms. Let Us walk together across the gathering sky. We look into each Other's eyes, such mirrors of Our love. We see eternity there, and what We are, the infinity of love. We are Friends. We are lifelong Friends. And lifelong is beyond life. We are.

We are the same light, for there is only One Light. Only you wear masks, and I wear none. Only you fool yourself with your masks. You say Boo to yourself, and you are scared. You believe in your costume and the costumes of others, and you pay homage to the costumes. You like the glitter, and you abandon yourself from the true gold because you do not see it. You are preoccupied. You are pre-seeing. You who are the whole treasure think you see it somewhere else, and so you hasten to it and away from the true.

You blame Me for this. You who are innocent proclaim you are not responsible. You misunderstand responsibility. You think it is blame when it is great opportunity. If you have no responsibility for your circle of life, then what opportunity can you possibly have? Even when you are at your most clever or devious, you are innocent. It takes great innocence to take so many circular turns and find yourself — you know not where.

Wherever you are in life, whatever this moment holds for you, you can sit a while with Me. All it takes is a thought of Me. I am recognizable. I am realizable. You do not order the silence of Me. You sink into it. You knock on the door of the Palace, so to speak, and I pull you in. I am ready for you always. I am always waiting for you. The welcome mat is out.

The breezes will blow you to Me. You are ushered to Me by every stroke of life. Only turn to Me a little bit. I do not ask for all your attention. I do not ask for all. I ask for some. I ask for some little bit of your thought turned to Me, not in apprehension, but in receiving. My door is always open to you. Now open yours a little to Me.

Pretend I am a bird who can fly in your window. Open your window even a little bit, and all of Me will get through. Even though I am bigger than life, I fit in everywhere. The opening is in your heart.

You don't have to give Me a big invitation nor a formal one. A little thought of Me will do, and I will fly to you. I will alight, and you will know Me. I am not your escape. I am your entry into what has always been and always will be. Your daily cares are only daily cares. They are not the measure of you, nor are they your restrictions. Nothing restricts you. Only your thought. But now you lift your thought to Me, and so, here We are.