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The Cosmic HeavenLetter Generator

WOW this generator is certainly going to take HL readers one rung higher towards the Heavens! My mind is all crazy in delight about this. This is one of those situations where I sit back and ask myself “So simple, now why didn’t I think of that?” What other simple things are merely staring us in the face but we can’t see the forest for the trees?


I agree Kirt...This

I agree Kirt...This generator thing is truly awesome! Jim

Wow, wow, wow !!! The Cosmic

Wow, wow, wow !!! The Cosmic Heavenletter Generator is wonderful !!!!!!!!!

Love and blessings

I love it - it is like a

I love it - it is like a merry go round Heavenletter and you always catch the right one!

What a great image, dear

What a great image, dear Stefan.

By the way, did I leave out anything in my response to the translator question posted just recently?