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cosmic wow generator

Hey- what's this? I did it for the first time this morning and the thing that was on my mind all last night that kept me tossing and turning was completely answered by the little generator . . . .wooooo . . . . I want have my $.02 though-- I like the first color version better than the purple because it looks real, and I definately enjoyed the suspense of the delay and the little flowers going around selecting something just for little me. Very very cute you two- SAS and Bon Bon girl.

What was the Heavenletter

What was the Heavenletter you got, Judy!

May we use your comment? Not sure exactly where or what, but, I too, think the Cosmic Wow Generator is one of the best things that ever happened to Heavenletters. Once again thanks to the magnificent creative soul who thought of it and gave it to us. Of course, we know from where the inspiration came.

I think this Cosmic Wow Generator is the tool that will break Heavenletters wide open. I mean, it will make God's words really get into the mainstream.

I was talking to someone on the phone last night about this great Cosmic Heavenletter Generator, and I realized something. When we tell someone, no matter how eagerly, "Read Heavenletters! Subscribe to Heavenletters!," they may say, "Okay," and do it.

But when we say, "See what personal message you get when you press this Cosmic Wow Generator link," the person is really really eager to! press that link!

Sometimes I've done it three times in a row! I may even become addicted. Let me see what comes up this morning!

Thanks, Judy.

Heaven Admin, I'm posting

Heaven Admin, I'm posting this extra comment because the one above doesn't show up on the community list. :)