concept of judgment

All There Is to Know

God said:

Selfish and unselfish are hard for you to deal with. Neither is tremendously comfortable for you. So long as you maintain your ego, you are both.

When your ego is put in its proper place, then selfish and unselfish do not come up. Judgment isn't your hero any longer. You won't judge yourself the way you do now, and you won't judge others the way you do now.

The Mountain Stream of Life

God said:

You want to erase the error of judgment from you and the error of mistake. You consider mistakes a wrong turn, but they may have been right. They may have been the long way round, but they may have been just right. In any case, when you banish the idea of mistake, you won't make them. You may go the long way around, but you will with joy, and not with fear and not with regret. The mistake is the concept of mistake.

Out of Judgment

God said:

Think of Me as God on Earth. Think of Me as God on Earth more than you think of Me as God in Heaven. Wherever I am is Heaven. Wherever you are is Heaven as well, if you only but knew. What if I were to tell you that the only Reality is Heaven? All else is false. All else is folly.

You were put on Earth to find Heaven. That is your simple task. Don't make it hard. Make it easy.

First, release judgment as a concept. All that you judge comes to pass in your own life. Judging is a kind of marriage. Your sneering is an invitation to that which you judge. It is as if you say:

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