All There Is to Know

God said:

Selfish and unselfish are hard for you to deal with. Neither is tremendously comfortable for you. So long as you maintain your ego, you are both.

When your ego is put in its proper place, then selfish and unselfish do not come up. Judgment isn't your hero any longer. You won't judge yourself the way you do now, and you won't judge others the way you do now.

When you call someone selfish or unselfish, you have judged them. When you call yourself selfish or unselfish, you have judged yourself. You have bargained. You have assessed. You have asked, "How am I doing?" or you have shaken your head and clucked your tongue, and said that someone else isn't doing well on the scale you weigh them on.

Christ was not thinking selfish or unselfish. He did not ever say to himself, "I will be unselfish." With ego gone, he did not weigh such matters. Such matters were not a consideration for him.

His attention was on bigger things. If he had to think at all, he would have thought: "What is truth here? What does My Father want?"

But he did not have to debate with himself what his choice was. He had made a choice, and it was to join forces with Me.

When he said, "Judge not that ye be not judged," he was saying that judgment is worthless. He was giving his listeners pause.

But Christ did not work on one level alone, and he always spoke truth. He gave motivation while he gave truth. He was saying, "Judgment, when given — when thought — will come back to you in kind." Sooner or later. The same as love is returned.

Now I must go into a lecture about how love is not the sentiment you often think it is. Because you give your love personally does not mean your personal love will be returned in kind, because love with an object in mind is not love. It is something else. It is something less. It may be what you are getting rather than giving.

Consider love more like a place you come from. Consider it more as an awareness behind your eyes.

We can say it comes down to this: How your eyes look out, other eyes will look at you. You spark something in their eyes.

Christ never thought, "Oh, these selfish people!" He never thought, "Oh, these unselfish people!" He never thought, "Oh, these poor unfortunate people!" Or, "Oh, these affluent people!"

His eyes cast blessing wherever they fell. Without his personal ego, without his concern for his ego, which is to say his own feelings about himself, without thought of selflessness, his eyes cast love.

And what did he see that he could love so much? He saw My light in all that he saw. He was so filled with My light and so aware of My light, what could he see wherever he looked but My light?

Would you not look kindly upon Me? Would you not look to embrace My light? When you see Me before you, would you look for something else that could only be less?

What place has judgment in My world? What place has judgment where love is contained? What place has judgment within you?

Stop thinking that it is smart to put someone beneath you or above you.

Start thinking about My love for you and your place in My plan for the world. See how your heart is eased. I want to ease your heart.

An uneasy mind dis-eases your heart and looks for something to compare or contrast, and that is judgment in a nutshell.

All is. I AM and you are, and that is all there is to know.