Communicating with God

Gloria to God:

Dear God, I would like to talk about personally communicating with You. You have said that every single person can. This Sunday there is going to be an informal workshop here with five or six good people. I am wondering what is the difference between meditation and prayer, and also channeling.

The word channeling has a bad press here, and I have thought that Your talking to me is not channeling because You talk to me, not through me.


You are getting caught into semantics, Gloria. The truth is I am talking to you and everybody all the time. What My children and I have together is indefinable. Any attempt to define, explain, prove, disprove, pulls you away.


I feel that talking and listening to You is a training ground, like a school. In school, we learn subjects but we also are learning how to study.

I feel You teach me Truth, and in the process, You are training me to witness. The impulse of words comes from You, and I write down my translation. Although I am eager to hear what You have to say, I watch it happen more than I am involved.

I suppose witnessing is the same as neutrality which is the same as releasing control which is releasing judgment which is releasing outcomes. I become an observer, sort of an eavesdropper.


I understand the sense in which you mean eavesdropper, but you are not an eavesdropper. An eavesdropper listens into someone else's conversation and hears news that is perhaps not intended for him.

Here, with Me, you pick up the words that are meant for you and everybody. This is not shady activity. This is not stealth. This is public knowledge and a relationship earmarked for everyone.

And you are right. There is what I teach you, and there is the process itself that trains you to practice being in neutral. Practicing being in touch with Me is practicing kindly dis-entachment.

Satellites do not cling on to their moons. They know there is a power that takes care of them and doesn't let them drop. Satellites have their orbit, and they are in it.

In a way, My children are satellites to Me. Their orbit is conscious return to Me, their Source. That their hearts will come to know Me is fixed, but their particular orbit is not.

Each path in life is like an unfixed orbit that you can change. You try out different styles and motions and routes, and that is your life. No matter how far you seem to fly from Me, you are tethered by a forcefield of love.

Now, coming back to My workshop that you are helping with on Sunday. Who comes has chosen to come. They have chosen to sign up for Me right now in this way, just as those who read HEAVEN at this time signed up to read it at this time. I am saying that they are meant to.

Despite our training sessions, Gloria, you still think your effort does something. As in everything, free others to their chosen orbit. Let who comes come. Let who does not, not. What is it to you? You are just another participant who has signed up for the workshop.

Who chose to schedule this workshop? I did. You know you didn't. Just as you don't manufacture My thoughts, you do not manufacture My workshop. It is My workshop. I called it, and I invited angels to come. I made the class list. I made the syllabus. And I made you.


Dear God, knowing Your power makes me stronger.


Surrendering your imagined power gives you Mine. I am the Bank, and you have access. Why start your own paltry bank? Isn't it odd to think that is what is done?




People start their own banks over and over again until they locate the Main Branch, rather the Home Bank, from which all others receive their funds. When My children locate the Home Bank, they learn that the money in the bank is for them to spend.

Everyone has an enormous bank account with Me. It never runs out. All accounts are ready, and all accounts welcome. Just walk in and claim.

We are One, so who speaks and who listens is a tossup, for the Speaker is the Receiver as well as the Giver.

Commune with Me. Call it what you will. Call it dancing with God. Call it exchange of ideas. Call it sinking into wisdom. Call it rising to love. Call it a walk in the park. Call it going to the bank. Call it going to the library. Call it picking up a pizza. Call it accepting a delivery. Call it seeking truth. Call it finding truth. Call it finding your car keys. Call it finding out your name. Call it making a phone call. Call it answering the phone. No wrong numbers possible.

Call it being the telephone operator. Call it being the telephone lines.

Call it getting cable. Call it turning on the radio.

Call it love calling love, and love answering love.

Call it a song of Isness. Call it a transaction. Call it a deal. Call it a sale. Call it prayer. Call it meditation. It is all a call to Me from Me, and you listen in, as every call is meant for you.

You never have to hang up. You cannot be disconnected. You can only be on the line. It is up to you to pick it up. I am calling. You don't have to speak. You can just listen. You can catch My drift. You can speak My language. You are my language. You are My creation. You are what I have wrought. You are My sunshine. You are Mine, as I am yours. One and one make One. We are One. Come and take Me. Come and be taken.

Heaven awaits, and so do I, and so do you, and so it is.