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Such a wondrous time of year...when people can relax...and give and receive from one a few brief words: to be open-hearted. And not to be open-hearted just for the sake of the holiday...but for the sake of the living Christ...or Divinity within all of us. Christmas can truly be present every day...and even every moment of the year...when we dare to proclaim: My precious father and I are One. Christ exemplified this...and was one of the great way showers on the planet.

The other way shower is You! it is time to expose the myth and illusion of spiritual reveal a quiet democracy of the heart. All hearts are indeed created equal...although are infinite in variety as they open and bloom.

So...what gift to give this holiday season? The precious gift of your open heart...the gift of kindness...the gift of vulnerability...the gift of gratitude...the gift of love.

When you dare to open your reveal all of these qualities and more...for these are aspects of the father...your Father...and mine. We are children of the Father...

And as we dare to surrender our weaknesses and fears and hurts and dissapointments...we find that we do become more child-like...more innocent, more honest...and more free. We also find that we are indeed carried and supported and carressed by the loving hand of the Father. We become so close to Him...that his heartbeat is felt within us...and.... that all we truly have to do is to become more and more conscious of the Love that the Father IS....that We Are.

As Jimi, I have become more and more present in the life of the point where I am coming out more arnd more so that the apparent walls between us are dissolving. I use words for convenience...but truly there is only Love.

May all of the precious children in this Community of Heaven become even more they open their hearts even reveal the light and love of their Father within.

You are the other way shower...the One you have been waiting for! Love and ongoing blessings, Jimi.

Oh Jimi, you really touched

Oh Jimi,

you really touched my whole being with your words, they are overwhelming and overflowing with divine love and they moved me to tears such is the joy and love I feel. Indeed, we are the one we have been waiting for, we are the other way shower. It is time that this divine truth should be lived by us more and more, expressed and revealed through us by becoming this truth with all our beingness.
Never ending love and blessings and joy to you dearest and sweetest Jimi and Jim !