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I do believe that prayer does make a difference. A very broad definition of least for any words, written or spoken out loud or to oneself that come from one's heart...from a place of absolute sincerity. With that in is a little prayer that comes Jimi's heart:

May anyone who is discouraged or depressed or in pain of any kind or just plain unhappy hear these words: May you pause a moment...and just know that you have given it the best you can...that you have done the best that you were able to do...And now...perhaps...if you are a wee bit turn it all over to God. He is there to help in little ways...and in big ways too. Talk to Him...He will listen...cause He loves you so, so, much...and in His eyes...and in His are a perrfect child of his. Do not be afraid to return His will make a big difference...and you will feel so much better. In the is my honor to love you from my heart...continually...Loving you always, Jimi. and Love God you do not even have to believe in God...just try it...even just a little bit...because..."just one sincere prayer from your Heart is more potent than any way famous quote"

I too believe that prayers

I too believe that prayers make a difference, they come from a pure desire of love, out of love, compassion, tenderness.
Thanks for this wonderful prayer sweet Jimi ! I often pray for our Earth, our beloved Gaya, I just see Her, it just comes into my vision, I see Her in all Her beauty and I pray for Her well being and healing and that of all mankind.

Love you so much dear angel !