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I am with you
I am with you now

Your whole Being
Your essence
It's life
Is forever present

I know you now

You are rested
At peace
There could be no need
You are everything

I know you now

Honor is your due
You are not bad or wrong
All steps are backed by love
And since you are love
Honor is your due

I know you now

Truth comes
Because you are truth
Falsity goes
It was never there

I am with you
I Am You

You know me now

copyright (c) michael mayer 2007

Dear Mike, this morning

Dear Mike, this morning while driving to the office I was thinking about your beautiful poems and I thought that I would love to "ask" for one about God and His love for His children.
Thanks to God and you dear Mike, His most lovely poet, for hearing my hearts prayer.
All my love :wub:

How very dear and sweet and

How very dear and sweet and kind you are most wonderful Child of God, Berit...i too am off to work but when i return would love to meditate and write upon this lovely, lovefilled subject...with all my heart, mike:)