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Angelic Sight

Seeing with the Vision of Angels
Loving each "other"
As we are Loved Now
We express Heaven on Earth
Angels focus upon Light, not dark
Peace, not war
Life, and not death
Angels are Free and as such, "give" Freedom
Let us offer, now, that which we receive
The acknowledgement that our brother/sister Is The Child In Whom Allness Is Well Pleased
If we offer anything less
We lessen ourselves
Not that our Self can be lessened
For this cannot be as so
Yet in our non-awareness of The Love within All
We forget our Self
And therefore feel less
Than we really are
And then search and search and search
To find what we "lost"
For our completion to "return"
For our "more"
Para nuestro amor
When always and evermore
"We are the love that we seek"
So let us, then, simply Be
With each "other"
As the Angels Are With Us Now

copyright (c) michael mayer 2007

Oh Michael, how I love your

Oh Michael, how I love your poems and your beautiful heart, reading these wonderful lines brought tears of joy, love and sweetness to me. How you touch hearts is a blessing.
All my love

TY Berit...i feel the same

TY Berit...i feel the same about you and the love u share...i'm trying to figure out why the main screen of everyone's creative writings seems frozen...i can check out stuff i shared under "track" on my account but want to be able to see everything of everyone's new too...i get it...blessings...Beautiful One...mike

Micheal, I really didn't

Micheal, I really didn't understand anything about what you said concerning frozen main screens, I must have lost my english somewhere... Hope everything is ok now, anyway I love your confusion as well as your wonderful heart and poems :blushing:
All my love

Thanks Berit for accepting

Thanks Berit for accepting me as i am :) much appreciated...but frozen mainscreen has to do with the heavenletters site and not my life...for some reason, i'm not anymore able to see everyone's new postings or respond...i can only post my own and see responses to those....just trying to figure that out 'cause i love to read of everyone's thoughts and heart...mike:)

2nd reply...i just clicked

2nd reply...i just clicked on the part where it says "created" in the creative writing section and that opened up for me everyone's writings:) yeaay:) and it also allows for me to post whereas before it said "login to post" and then when i did it say "access denied"...but now it seems cool...anyway, just further explaining what i was talking about...bendiciones a todos, son todos (blessings to all, Are all) mike

I'm glad it works now.

I'm glad it works now. Personally I have experienced that sometimes it is necessary to click on the refresh button to see new postings, but it seems your problems were more complex, anyway, glad to have you fully operative again !! 8)
It could not be that access was denied to such a beautiful heart as yours (!) :Criying: but computers often do have their own ways, at least my pc does.... :?
love and blessings to you dear :Rolleyes:

p.s. Gloria and Dream Team, THANK YOU FOR THE SMILEYS, I LOVE THEM !!!!!! :p