Choose Your Role

God said:

You have played many roles in this life. You have been child. You have been roustabout. You have been serene. You have been fun, and you have been upset. Now you are adult, and you have become a career and husband or wife or mother or father. And yet through it all, you are My child.

If you are not pleased with your life as it stands today, play another part then. If you have been renegade, become a wise man. If you have been a stay-at-home, go out.

Whatever life has been to you, you can change it. Whatever role you have played, you can play a new one.

If you have been loveless, you can become love-full.

If you have been sad, you can become happy.

If you have played the role of victim, you don't have to.

You can be what you want to be, and you can lead the life you want. You are the decider. If you are discontent, decide differently now.

If you have been fussy, become well-pleased.

If you have tried overly to please, withdraw from that role. Choose another.

You may think that the role you play is foisted on you, but you are the chooser. The more you resist this thought, the more you need to hear it.

You are not hapless. You are not a stick bobbling on the waves of the ocean.

You have say in your life. You are the determiner of it. That does not mean you insist. It means you change your vision, and then you live up to it.

You are a conceptual person. You can alter your concepts.

You cannot change the weather, but you can change what you wear. You cannot control the elements but you don't need to battle them. Get a different uniform, and see how changed you feel.

Be like a child who makes the best of things. When he sees a puddle, he sloshes in it.

Make life to your choosing.

Keep in mind the life you want and grow to it.

If you would like an apple tree to grow in your garden, you plant one. You don't just wait for one to appear. Why would your life be any different? Why would you treat your desires in life any differently from the planting of a tree? Why would you sit wherever you sit and bemoan where you sit?

Get up and open another door.

If you do not like the view from your window, go to another window. Or walk out and become part of the view or look at the view from another post.

You who always say you have too much to do, do something about your life. If it is not the one you prefer, change it. Do not give in to that which you would abstain from.

If the message on a letter you receive is not the message you want, then you write a new letter and send it out.

If the fish you presently catch are not to your taste, fish in another pond.

If you are capable of complaining, you are capable of getting up and doing something about that which causes you to complain. Remove it. Or remove yourself. Or look at it differently. There is something you can change.

Remember the power of your thoughts, and use them well.

You are the designated driver of a force that runs through your life. Avail yourself of the power that is yours. Avail yourself of it now.

That which you desire desires you. It is calling to you now. Arise and receive it.

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What a clarion call of independence this is!

Yes...what a compelling call to be what you already are! A loving, free child of the divine! Jim.

I absolutely LOVE this

I absolutely LOVE this Heavenletter, it's fantastic !!!

That which you desire desires you. It is calling to you now. Arise and receive it.

Many many thanks !!

Love to all

Me too!

You cannot change the weather, but you can change what you wear.

Lots of Love