The Tone of Your Life

God said:

Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the hearty. Blessed are the noisemakers, and blessed is the crow. Blessed is the servant, and blessed is the ruler. Blessed are those who run around, and blessed are those who stay home. In any case, all wander on earth for want of knowing what to do, for want of knowing their purpose, for want of knowing that they play a role in the design of the vast and wide universe and are here on earth for good and mighty reason. Therefore, blessed is the heart of everyone who roams the earth in whatever masquerade they partake of. Therefore, blessed are you.

Know this. Know this once and for all. You are My blessed child on earth. You are no less My blessed child on earth that you are in Heaven. Oh, yes, various are the circumstances. Now consider you were blessed with them. No matter how disturbing the circumstances, consider you were blessed with them. Consider that because of your worthiness, you were given all the circumstances that you were given. You did not land in them by mistake.

Whatever your trials, you have passed them. Now you can move on. When you graduate high school, you do not repeat it.

Why then repeat patterns in your life?

You had to start from somewhere. And so you started from somewhere. Who said you had to stay there. Who said you had to carry your supposed roots on earth ever after?

Your roots are in Heaven.

This life on earth is an episode. That's all it is. Do not make more of it than that. And it is your episode. Make it what you will. Stir yourself, and make this episode what you will.

You must know by now that you have many choices in life. Certainly you know you have choices. Now make them. Make choices.

If you were a baker of pies, you can choose to make any pie you want. If you want to make a cherry pie and the ingredients are not on hand, then you can go out and get them and make a cherry pie.

You are not limited to your pantry. There are no limits on you. The only possible limits there can be are those that you put on yourself. You are tied to your thoughts alone. Loosen them now.

Or tether your thoughts somewhere, and leave them. You don't have to return to them. They are not horses. They are only wisps of nonexistent really.

What was the weather when you were born? You do not hang on to it. You do not go around thinking, "Oh, it was rainy the day I was born. It must be raining still." Think of the glory of your being born to learn to live in the world. Let that be the tune that goes around in your head.

Where did you get the idea that you were to stay as you always were, or always thought you were? Who is it that said you were not smart enough or strong enough or anything enough? Whom did you allow to put strings around you? You are a child of God, and therefore you are smart enough and strong enough to enjoy the God-given life that is yours.

If it is raining, and you do not like the rain, go under the eaves or move to another climate. In fact, create the climate you want for yourself and those around you.

You can set the tone for your life right now. Who is to set it if not you?