Calm Is the Truth of You

God said:

The closer you come to Me, the closer you come to your Self. Come closer. I am the Door you open to show you the way to your Self. Here am I. Here are you. Here within lies Our Oneness, the One of Us, the One and Only.

Life on Earth is a play you take part in. Look, Life in the world is stagecraft, you understand. Note all the effort you give to this drama. Effort is a sign of drama. Effort is not exactly the Truth of you. Effort is contrived. To be is to be natural. It is easy. It is not effortful. A performance comes from effort.

Calm is the Truth of You. Stress is drama and far from the Truth of You. Nice and easy is the Essence of You and, therefore, the Truth of You.

There is no effort in touching a Star.

The Sun shines. The Sun has no wings to flap. The Sun is pure and simple. It would take great effort for the Sun NOT to shine. Let this be a lesson to you, dear Sunshines of My Heart.

I don’t extol laziness. Participating is one thing. Effort is another. Having to have or having to appear to be other than the Truth of You is a petty misdemeanor. The Truth of you is that you are a High-Stepper.

Yes, I am telling you to beware of effort! It is one thing to get out of bed. It is another to struggle to get out of bed. Be awake. Be the Golden Treasure of My Heart that you truly are.

It takes no effort for a little child to smile. Or to laugh.Or to cry. A little child gives you the real goods. A little child is authentic. To be other than authentic is a strain. Strain comes from being less than authentic. Be authentic.

To be inauthentic costs you energy that could be better spent on Truth.

Who are you, this you who spends yourself and uses up yourself on what may well not be your True Foundation and Fortune? Be you who you are without silicone or any attempt to be anything other than the True Face of you. Be your True Heart. You are not some flimflam retouched photo to fit another’s picture frame.

You are good. You are good enough. You are you. I love you. Bringing out more of Who you are is not dissembling. Rather, it is assembling your True Self that you may have hidden and that may exist even unbeknownst to you. There is a True Self of you within that wants to come out into the Full Sunshine. The front cover of a magazine is not you. A front cover can only be a facsimile of you, a cover-up, a feeble attempt at making you a look-alike.

Never were you to be a reproduction, a copy-cat, a far away imposed run of the mill you.

You are My Heart Song. Sing Me. Sing out My Testimony to you, which is the Truth of You. String yourself like Christmas Lights across the Universe. I made you You, and not someone else. Only in a world of comparisons and contrasts would you attempt to be like anyone else or make yourself different from anyone else. All you have to do is to sing your song, for your song is Mine. You don’t imitate even Me, for you and I are One, and here you are.

There is nothing else you are to do except to accept yourself as the Blessing I made you to be. Venture forth as you are. Once and for all, let the Truth of You be seen before God and everyone.

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The calmer I feel the more powerful I AM. Let me now go within to calm the Inner sea. Blessed Be, Blessed Be.