No More Hard Feelings

God said:

What is patience but waiting? That is, waiting without impatience.

What is impatience but being too excited to wait? Your anticipation is strong, or you are just too eager for something to be done and over with.

It is said that all good things come to he who waits. Sometimes you serve the world by catching a falling star just like that. You run to catch a star or a baseball and then slide into first base.

In the world, everything seems to depend upon something else or everything else, and who knows why there are fumbles? You may figure them out after the event, yet what good are explanations anyway, especially after the fact?

Of course, you, My Children, like your T's crossed and your I’s dotted. Life, however, is decisive and doesn’t attend much to explanations. When all is said and done, what good are explanations? Are explanations at the end of the day excuses? Or good enough excuses? Sometimes there is no excuse that can satisfy, and some explanations are unending like a woolen scarf you are knitting or crocheting.

As a matter of fact, to your eyes, there often are no excuses good enough to pardon heavy events in Life. You cannot find enough of anything to excuse mayhem, cruelty, and the suffering of innocent parties. Nothing justifies.

Anyway, what is changeable after the event when there is nothing that can undo past events? You have to let the long ago and even the more recent past get behind you. When all is said and done, you must let go of everything that boils within you so that you can move forward. It is a necessity that you move forward. No longer can you carry a chip on your shoulder.

When you scratch an itch too often or too deeply, you bleed. When you punish mentally, when you begrudge, you are not letting go when letting go is an absolute must. Letting go is for your sake and for your future and very possibly for the sakes of your yet unborn children. There are elements of your recurrent thoughts that must not continue and that you have to let go of like the plague.

Heading the list are ill-thoughts. You don’t want the harsh resentments you experience in your Life followed by even one generation of yours into their Daily Lives. Not by a longshot do you. Secure Good Will in your Heart. You can do it. You have to do it.

When you harbor a hard heart, no matter how you may hide it, you pass it on as part of the inheritance you leave. If you want to erase ill-will – if you want ill-will to become extinct – if you want ill-will to be gone from the Face of the Earth -- you can’t foment a hard heart without passing it on. Your thoughts reach far and wide. There is no choice for you but to bury the hatchet. You have to. In order to salvage your children’s hearts, you have to find a way. This is attainable. You have to attain it.

I am saying that in Life, there are some musts, yet Free Will also exists. I am telling you that when it comes to grudges, big or small, you have no choice but to move past them. You must not keep grudges. Make no mistake. This goes for little and big. You have kept grudges too long. No longer harbor hostile feelings anywhere near your Heart. You must not let ill-feelings fester. The most severe injustices have to be let go. You must get rid of them.

“Out, damned spot, out!” said Lady MacBeth.

In Lady MacBeth’s case, it was her guilt at killing Duncan that she had to cast out. She literally had blood on her hands. You must not harbor ill-feelings. It is self-righteous of you to harbor hard feelings in your Heart. Understandable, yes. Holding merit? No.

Oneness exists. In Truth, there is no other. There is One. When you rail against another, it is yourself that you rail against. When you hurt another’s heart, it is your own heart you hurt.