Brighten Earth

God said:

Sometimes in life you have to be blunt, and sometimes life is blunt with you. Sometimes life gives you no choice but to take a different direction. Movement is the name of the game of life.

You cannot always stay where you are. Soon or late, the ground shifts under you. Either you move of your own volition or by life's mandate.

What is the virtue of staying still? At best, it can only be illusion.

Your stance in life is certainly not limited to your physical location.

Some of your ideas need to be dislodged. Limits in life serve you in that they make you move. When you are hemmed in, you break out. When one nest is disturbed, you make another.

Change in life is a certainty. And all through it, the core of you is the same. In pain or joy, you are you. Pain belies the truth of you. Distraction only distracts. True joy celebrates the truth of you. The truth of you is the truth of life. You are eternal light. Further, you are My eternal light, and your nature is to shine.

Never do I leave your side. So then, what can you lose, and what can you gain?

Only the surface of life changes. And it changes often. It changes in fact, and it also changes according to your perception. Your perception rules your life. The reality of life is your perception of it.

Two friends go to a movie. Each has a different reaction and interpretation of the movie. One sees it as uplifting. Another sees it as dismal.

And so it is with life.

You are one who rises to the occasion of life? You are not just to bobble on it. You are to lift yourself high on it.

Life is like an orchestra you conduct. The conductor is important. At the same time, the music is not all about the conductor.

And life is not all about you. You are not the kingpin of life. Life is not to be taken as an affront. Take it all as blessing. You are in the midst of life but you are not the center of it. Life is more than about you and how you feel. You are a part of life, an important part, but not the mainspring. Sometimes life takes you in its sway, and sometimes you amble the path you like.

Sometimes life prods you. It is prodding you somewhere. Will you think in terms of life as life, and not so much as success or failure. Success and failure are too very limited categories. Life is limitless. You are limitless.

Life is like a telescope. The telescope is objective. The one who looks through the telescope is subjective. The terrain is what it is, and it is also how you see it.

Is it too much to ask you to see differently? To open your eyes wider? To look all around you, not you as the center of life, but you as a participant in it, you as a chapter in a book that is not all about you. The book has its own story to tell.

And yet, every story is yours. Every heart that beats is yours. Every pain experienced in the world is yours. Every joy is yours. But do not commiserate about life. Celebrate it instead.

Your life may not be the gift you wanted, but still it is yours, even if it is yours to rise above. If it is your life, it is yours to do with as you will. Even if you have to hobble out of a corner of suffering, hobble out and shine light on earth so that it may be brightened.

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Your perception rules your

Your perception rules your life. The reality of life is your perception of it.