Bright Light

God said:

Fear represses joy. It represses security. It represses freedom. It represses inalterable being. Fear is a recurrent battering of your heart. And yet you cling to fear as a mighty friend ever by your side.

You may indulge a child who is afraid of the dark, but you are afraid of the light. You fear to tread. Your constant companion Fear whispers frightful things into your ear. It makes itself important while it shrivels your sense of self. Do not give so much honor to fear, for fear is only a shadow that, without light, cannot even pretend to exist.

You fear death when there is no death. You fear absence of life when there is no absence. You fear that all you have accomplished can be taken away. Once accomplished, accomplishments, just like you, move on.

Everything on earth belongs to everyone, and everything on earth belongs to no one. And you belong with Me.

There is no room for fear in Heaven. In the bright light of Heaven, no illusion can maintain itself. In the bright light of Truth, only Truth can stay. Only Truth can be.

And so the other side of fear is Truth. What Truth is it that fear tries to keep you from?

Fear would run you aground. Truth lifts you high. Flee fear. Align with Truth.

It is said that Truth will set you free. It will certainly set you free from fear. What blocks your freedom but fear? Fear keeps you prisoner.

That which you consider the most real — pain, toil and trouble — are pure fiction. Dramatic, yes. Held on to, yes. But truth? No, not truth. Truth is far greater. The truth is that your body can experience pain and your mind toil and trouble, but your body and mind, no matter how mighty they seem to you, do not touch your being. Your beingness is touched by nothing but the light of God.

If this life on earth is a dream, you wake up from it. Who is it that wakes up? Who are you? Who are you really? Where does this I-ness of you exist? Where does it not?

Waking up is waking up to who you are, and who you are is woven in My heart. And so you wake up to Us, no less, to the Oneness of Us Who is, not two, but One, for Oneness alone is.

You never left Oneness. You paraded around as though you had. You lived in the dimension of fantasy and forsook Truth. But you cannot disband Truth. You cannot even pretend it away because a tiny glimpse is ever in your sight.

If you did not know that bright light exists, no matter how far away you may think it is, you would not experience fear and unhappiness. If light did not exist, you would not fear lack of it. You would be quite satisfied with less.

But you are not. You know you are not. You ever seek more.

Why not then accept more of this light that burnishes brightly? It is the flame of life. It never goes out. Light and life are compatible. They are inseparable. Just as you and I are inseparable.

But you fear to believe this. You fear you would have to give up diversity for Oneness. You fear you will disappear when it is you who will appear in the bright light that is already yourself.

What foolishness is this that persuades you from freedom of fear? It takes no courage to see Truth. It takes a lot of courage to live with fear. So abandon fear. Let it go its own way, and you, you, stay with Me.