Your Wealth

God said:

In your search for abundance, often you fill up on things. Objects, food, coin. You collect collections. You accumulate in order to accumulate. There is something you are trying to fill, and you keep trying in old ways that do not and cannot fulfill. And yet you persist. You race to persist.

Dear ones, first of all, you are not empty. You are already too full of that which does not bring you joy. You have put yourself into a receiving mode, when it is more filling for you to give. Give sway to greater than your misperceived need to accrue. Accrue but do not keep. Keep it moving. Exchange or give away.

Of what merit is possessing? And to what avail do you possess more and more? Is bigger better? Is more more? More entrapment certainly. Free yourself from the obligation your possessions have put on you. Possess freedom.

Remember the early pioneers who carried their earthly possessions with them and little by little had to drop them off and leave them behind? Why were the pieces of wood kept? From what attachment to memories or to hopes. I understand the attachment, but to what avail?

What I say also applies to your talents. Keep your talents moving. Keep them up front and let them be seen. Spend your talents ruthlessly. Have you not had enough of conserving them?

Your talents are gifts. They were given to you. And now you keep them by giving them away. An artist who does not paint is not an artist. A composer who does not compose is not a composer. A writer who does not write is not a writer.

One who gives is a giver. To one who gives much is given. One who blesses is a blessor. To one who blesses, blessings come.

When you were in kindergarten, you were taught to share. Sharing is not quite good enough, because when you share, you also hold. So give. Give with all your might.

Your needs are filled. Now help fill others'. When you give, you are freed to give more.

There is a resurgence of giving in the world, and you are part of it. You are a great part of it.

Everyone has something to give. If you think you have nothing to give, give away a smile.

If you think you have nothing to give, then make your presence a gift.

If you think you have nothing to give, then give your ear to someone who yearns to have a Human being who will listen to him.

If you think you have nothing to give, then allow someone to give to you. That is not the same as taking.

What an elementary lesson We have today! Today we count.

If you have two apples, take one for yourself and offer the other to another.

Whatever you have, it is yours to give. That is how you keep true to yourself.

If the world had no fear, it would not know stinginess. Generosity would be natural. It would not even be called generosity. It would just be what is. It would be the easy way.

Be generous to yourself. Let bygones be bygones. No one owes you, and you owe no one. Giving from sense of debt is not giving. Giving from the vibrancy of your heart is giving. Anything less is holding your heart in tow. Your heart has had enough of restriction. Give it its freedom now.

Regret nothing. Do not regret all the times you withheld your heart. You withheld it from yourself. You constricted it. Now reveal it. Let your heart be seen. That is your wealth, and it is yours to give.