All the Wondrous Things

God said:

When you feel anxiety, you feel it in your body. You feel it as an ache in your heart, but anxiety is not from your heart. Your mind wanders around and pounces on anxiety as an option. It is the mind that tells you you are anxious. But even anxiety affects not your being. Not even internal turmoil affects your being.

No matter all the reasons you can find and give, you feel anxious because you feel anxious. Your mind gave you a directive. Your mind can just as well tell you to feel something else.

You perceive that the world around you and your particular life demand certain feelings from you. Certainly they ask for them, but you do not have to comply. You can affect your mind and its thoughts just as well as all the other things you let affect them.

Do not think that I am telling you to pretend anything or talk yourself into something. If you have allowed anxiety and anguish into your heart, you can just as well replace them with something else, something that suits you better. Why wouldn't you?

You may say there is nothing you can do about how you feel. It may seem that way. But you also know that these unhappy nuances do not stay forever. Soon or late, you change your mind, and your mood follows. Whether or not the circumstances change, you have choice. You may think you can't help it, but It is your choice how you feel.

Listen less to the doom that the world would tell you about in the news and on TV, and you will find yourself more lighthearted. Do you think clucking your tongue helps the world. Spend more time with people who don't absorb the downfall of the world. Spend time with people who lift your heart rather than push it down. Help others in need, but also remember to help yourself.

What do you serve by being anxiety-ridden or impatient or upset?

Serve Me now with a smile.

Remove all the negative thoughts that seemingly pursue you. Why keep them?

Nourish your heart.

Much time and thought are spent on planning what you will eat and then in the eating and cleaning up. Give equal time and thought to nourishing your heart and mind.

In life, you try to remove problems as they occur. Of course, remove problems in front of you as you are able. Certainly. But it seems you also try to remove problems before they occur by worrying about them. Prevention and worry are not the same. Worry is not a talisman that keeps woe away.

Attending to possible difficulties may invite them. Do you see how you threaten yourself with your thoughts? Untoward events can happen without help from you. If you feel you must suffer, why suffer before the fact?

Renovate your thinking.

Even when you experience suffering, you can rise above it. You rise above it with your thoughts. Make your thoughts helpful. You know that there dwells within you a core that suffering cannot reach. Suffering itself knows it can't reach your innermost core let alone damage it. It is you who thinks that suffering and death or anything can obliterate that surging light that blazes within you.

Bring that core more to the surface, and, come what may, you will not threaten yourself so much with possible dangers. Instead, you will surround yourself with thoughts of all the wondrous things that are going to occur in your life. Conceive them. Conceive them now.