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Beyond Help

Beyond help is often used to describe someone seemingly lost
Too far to reach
Too hopeless to teach
Loosed, as it were, from our grip
Which most often wants
Out of some dysfunctional need
At the least, to fix
At the most, to save
Someone, anyone
Bringing "meaning" to our day
Getting our fix

Yet when utilized in a different way
Beyond help signifies the Truth of everyone, in every way
For help denotes a certain lack to be filled
Something broken to be mended
A ground constantly being tilled
Yet what if all that is "needed"
To free or be freed
Is to get out of the way?
To allow room
For all to live their own way
Trusting in life
Seeing "them" lightly, in light
Letting love have its say
So brightening our day

In fact, as a Fact
What if we ARE the light?
The sun in the day?
The day itself?

And what need has the day of help?
For it awakes
As God's smiling face
Greeting all in embrace
In warmth, warming
Unasking for alms
Because it Is
As are we
The balm
That soothes, is soothing
In and of Itself
Whose healing properties work opposite to conventional thought
As Health
Untouched and certainly not lost

And we will be healthy
In all facets of our lives
As we uncover his and her and "their", our, already wealth
Beyond the manmade dramatic-traumatic-tragic-comedic concept of separation and lack
That births all form of defense and attack
That clangs and bangs like some off-tune bell
Errantly signaling to
Impending doom
Or habitual gloom
To some falsified, "verified", current or eventual hell

Instead of coming from
Expressing forth
Our reality
As wholeness
Unaware of help

copyright (c) michael mayer 2007

Love your poetry, Mike. And

Love your poetry, Mike. And the poet!



thanks Gloria...i haven't

thanks Gloria...i haven't been able to get into recent postings of everyone which i wrote about and received a quick reply and am still trying to figure out but i clicked on tracking and was able to read your response...i appreciate your time, energy and love...Blessings as well...mike