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Beloved Annette, Heaven's Archivist and HELP WANTED!

For seven or eight years or more, Annette has worked full-time on Heavenletters. The incredible systems she set up amazed Heaven Admin. My understanding is that there are not any other website archives anywhere with the depth and breadth that Annette so lovingly made for us.

Annette has been much more than an archivist as well. She helped Santhan out with technical projects and she always helped me with my endless questions and searches.

Annette, like Heaven Admin, cheerfully gave us all her work from her heart, never asking for or expecting anything in return. So great was her deep commitment to God and Heavenletters.

Annette hasn't left, but the time she can give us now is limited. She is fulfilling a longtime dream of her own to study art. She will be going back to school as an art major, and she will be going to school six days a week with a long commute.

Even so, Annette will still maintain many things for us, God bless her, and we are so grateful.

At the same time, there are many technical tasks left to do, and tasks that I know Santhan can use some good help with. Things like sending out translations, posting photos for the blog, and many more things than I know.

Santhan is not only full-time with Heavenletters, but he also has businesses to run and other humanitarian sites that he volunteers with. I don't know how how he does all he does.

Are you a great tech person who loves Heavenletters and would have some time to take on responsibilities and would like to? Are you the tech angel we're looking for? Do you have wings and a halo? (or would you like to!)

No pay but fantastic spiritual benefits. Please apply!

And, again, Annette, we can't thank you enough. Enjoy your classes, and share some of your art with us.

God bless you.



I'm also eagerly waiting to

I'm also eagerly waiting to see some of Annette's art. I did see some of her previous creations which are awesome! Ok, so we are looking for volunteers to help with sending out the translations? Presently Mauro sends out Turkish, Italian and Spanish. I'm going to ask Cecilia or Pablo to do the German, Croatian, French and Portuguese. I should have thought of this before! I'll do this on Monday. So consider your volunteer position taken!

Senora, we have an upgrade to the Heaven website scheduled for February. The upgrade will move us to the latest version of Drupal. Much consideration will be put into the publishing and promotion of translated Heavenletters as well as the emailing of them. I know it's something that we can automate.

For some reason I like the idea of someone actually clicking the SEND button! Is that old fashioned or just silly. I think it must be silly.

One Love

Beloved One Love, And Dutch

Beloved One Love,

And Dutch translations as well!

God bless you.

With love,


Gloria is there any way in

Gloria is there any way in which I can help ? I'm not a magician with computers, you know by now. Let me know dear.
I have just seen that we have sent 104 Heavenletters to the spiritualevents site, it gave me such a joy, I do not count them of course so I was surprised to see such a high number of Heavenletters.

Much love

Dear dear Berit, You do a

Dear dear Berit,

You do a lot. You work. You take care of a family. You are recovering from a broken ankle. And you already do a lot for Heavenletters.

If you really can easily fit it in, I would ask you to post translations from our French translator who is presently not able to.

We have about twenty to start with, and then the translations come occasionally so it would not be a lot for you to do once we're caught up.

But, please, angel Berit, only if you can do this without strain. Please let me know.

Our love for you is not dependent upon what you do.

God bless you.

With love,


I'd love to do that dear !

I'd love to do that dear ! They are to posted to the french forum of translations, right ? Should I send them also to the french subscribers ? Can you pls give me further details by private mail, just to make sure I don't make mistakes ?

Many thanks dear and much love

Muchas gracias, beloved

Muchas gracias, beloved Berit. Yes, of course, I will send you everything. Just to post right now on the French translation forum. God bless you. Love, Gloria