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The 2009 Heavenletter Calendar Ebook Is Coming!

Dear Heavenreaders, please don't think we've forgotten about this New Year gift to you. First my broken shoulder. Then Heaven Admin has been having serious computer difficulties. Talk about potholes!

Be assured the first six months of Hearts of Heaven 2009 will be on its way to you soon! And the second six months not too long after.

What a wonderful news dear

What wonderful news dear !!! It's Christmas again !

thanks to all !! ♥

much love

Berit, how did you make out

Berit, how did you make out with the doctor about your broken ankle?

Gloria Angel, how did YOU

Gloria Angel,

how did YOU make out ? hadn't you appointment one day after me ??
Well, dear, the 1 ton plaster is off and now I am trying to be brave and to do the exercises I should do.... hmm.... not so easy. Still some lesson about pain....
What absolutely was paradise was washing my dear foot with water and soap, oh what a wonderful experience !
Let me know dear how things are going and .... pls pls pls ... be careful for future treadmill exercises !!!

Much much love and a BIG HUG to you dear.

The simple pleasures of

The simple pleasures of washing your foot!

See blog entries, today's and tomorrow's, about my doctor's appointment and yes -- painful exercises. We're on the same page, dear Berit.