Believe in Your Own Worth

God said:

You deserve all the Gold in the Kingdom. By virtue of being born to Earth, you do. You merit all good and grace, just as you are right in this moment. The world does not always see you as you truly are, nor does the world always serve you well. You do not necessarily receive what is rightfully yours.

The thing is to not get entrenched in what you received once as if that is as far as you can go. Give yourself more merit than was handed to you. Carve out your own happiness now and attract to you what was always yours -- your place in the sun.

Do not buy into the price that was once set on you. The value was not set high enough, not high enough at all. Now you, you can be humble and, at the same time, know your worth. Truly, humility is knowing your worth. Then you are so confident in your worth that you don't have to put yourself first or up a step or two. Knowing your worth is enough. From now on, do not believe you need others to give you your due. You are solid enough to give others their due. You don't need fuss about you. You look to give points more than to receive points. You don't require tokens any longer. You do not need to be reverenced and esteemed. No one has to prove your worth to you any longer.

I know your worth. You are the one who has to know your worth. Know your merit, and you will enjoy the world and everyone in it. What a relief to not have to prove yourself any longer. It was always to yourself that you had to prove yourself. This is why you insisted that others recognize you so you could believe in your own worth. Believe it. Believe your worth now.

Amazingly, as your own worth becomes clear to you, how much more generous and loving others seem to be. What is lacking in your life is your own sense of worth. Worth is yours. You have it. I gave it to you. Know your own worth, and life is worthwhile. Know your own worth, and you love life and bring more ease to the world and yourself.

It is not precisely self-esteem that We are speaking of now. You don't have to esteem yourself. You don't have to adulate yourself. You belong here on Earth. You are supposed to be here. You are supposed to take up the space you do. In the sense I am speaking of, you don't have to earn it. You were born to it, and it is yours. You are not meant to be a beggar of love and respect. You are here on Earth to learn to love and respect yourself.

Once upon a time, you were powerless. You are no longer powerless. How can a child of Mine disown himself? Do you make mistakes? It doesn't matter. Are you misunderstood? It doesn't matter. Understand yourself.

See what I see, for what I see is the Truth of you. Your life can seem to be in shambles, yet shambles can never be the Truth of you. Shambles can only be the surface, and surface is not who you are. You may not know how to peek at your DNA and you don't have to. My DNA is a legitimate part of you.

You come from nobility.

In any case, right now expand your vision of the world and of yourself. You are here to expand. Begin now.

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So much value is in you and I...

We are valuable in God's why not in ours....Oh so sweet to feel true value of all of us...

So much value is in you and I...

We are valuable in God's why not in ours....Oh so sweet to feel true value of all of us...

Sorry...maybe someone can

Sorry...maybe someone can delete the duplicate post. Thank you!