What Limit Do You Set on the Expansion of Your Heart?

God said:

Consider your present life as a preview that comes before the movie appears in theaters. Your present life is a preview of what is to come, but, also scenes from an old movie.

From here on, from right now – this is where you take off from. From here, your new adventure starts. Long term or short-term, you have a destination in mind. Now is the boarding place and time when you get on your next flight. Set out for the regions you desire.

Where you find yourself now is an overture. Now is your departure point. Now is not an accumulation of the past that you are to hold onto. Nor is the past to hold onto you. This is where you start off from. Here it is. Here is where you pull back on the arrow of your life and aim for what you want.

No longer do you discredit the past, even when it is a minute ago that the past displeased you. The past has brought you here to start anew.

Perhaps you want to tell a tale of how the world and those who inhabit it have not treated you right. Come now, you don't have to pick at the past or anyone from the past who displeased you and displeases you now. Let them go. Let your displeasure go. Why harp on the past?

If you must speak up, speak up regarding the blessings that have been given to you. If I may say, dear ones, in terms of the world, you may not be perfection yet either.

When you are irritated, you are irritated. Maybe you do have something to be irritated about. However, why advertise your displeasure? Day by day, go without a single complaint. You can do it.

Move on.

What people say or do is one thing. What people are to you in your heart is another.

Do you love your beloved dog because of blue ribbons that he wins? There is something deeper in everyone to like and something deeper in yourself to love.

What limit do you set on your heart?

How about if you abandon disgruntlement? What would you talk about then? What would you have to say? Think of another topic.

Have good things to say. And say them. You don't really need all the drama, and you don't really have to identify yourself as a victim, nor are you a lion-tamer in the circus who teaches others exactly how they are to perform to suit you. Who said that everyone is to suit you?

Could it even be possible that you have something to learn from the person before you?

Since when is your whole life to be a thrust of remodeling everyone to suit you?

When you are perfection incarnate, maybe then part of your perfection will be that you respect people as they are? You may even like them. You may appreciate even their imperfections and idiosyncrasies. It is possible to like and enjoy those around you just as they are. For one thing, let go of thinking that others owe you to be other than they are.

That I suggest that you accept those around you and not try to change them or improve them, is not to say you must love spending time with them. Turn not your back on anyone, yet you are not obliged to spend your life trying to be comfortable when and where you are not.

On the other hand, step back, dear humbled ones . Do not be so demanding of yourself. Take a breath. Let go of your quest to make the world in your image.

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Beautiful Message

Living in the NOW and letting go and letting GOD. Knowing and Believing Only the Divine has Power. I AM Being Divine Faith, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, Elimination and Life. I AM Flowing Freely in the Ocean of Love.

You are a beautiful message,

You are a beautiful message, Christine.