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Beautiful music ~ "Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach"

I've just posted a link for CC to follow, to some beautifully uplifting and inspiring music, and it occurred to me that others might like to share it too, so I've pasted the links again here for all to share...

It is entitled: "Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach"

and can be found here...
It is #16 in the instrumental section

There are also two videos you can watch if you wish, entitled "Music of The Upper Worlds"
which you can find here...

I first heard this beauitful melody, whilst watching their 'Music of The Upper Worlds' video,
and immediately fell in love with it, so then I searched for a recording of it on their site.
There are two or three diferent versions of it, but this one is my favourite.
You can download it if you wish.




Just listened to the "Music

Just listened to the "Music of the Upper Worlds" and to "Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach", it still rings in my ears and I am in the "Upper Worlds".

Yes, it is captivating and it reaches deep! It helps too, that I am attracted to Eastern music and this one has an Eastern flair to it. I too, liked the classic instrumental version the most.

Many thanks Mary, for calling us to the attention to such a great experience!
Good night,