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New Heaven Letter E-card...

Hello everyONE!

Just a quick note to let you know about the latest ecard in our growing collection...


Love Mary

Dearest Mary, you created

Dearest Mary, you created another beauty, with the soothing music and wise words!

This flower (Astromeria?) was my mother's favourite. :wub: Good choice! :thumbup:

Thank you for your creation!

Thank you Beloved Sister! I

Thank you Beloved Sister!

I don't know what these flowers are called in Canada,
but in England they are called rhodedendrons ~ and I love them!
I love azaleas too, which are of the same family,
but usually have smaller flowers and are also very fragrant!

Lots of Love & hugs to you dearest Xenia ~




Oooops! I goofed! Of

Oooops! I goofed! :blushing:

Of course. you are right Mary. That is a rhododendron. I should have known because rhodos and azaleas grow very well here in the North West and there is a profusion of them in April and May. We have several in different colours as well.

I mistook the flower for an Astromeria. Found a picture and here it is:

To a beautiful soul, with love,

Oooh what a pretty picture

Oooh what a pretty picture Xenia~ and in my favourite colours too ~ thank you! :)

I love Astromerias too, but I can never remember the name of them,
so thank you for reminding me!

Love you!



Very beautiful, soft and

Very beautiful, soft and tender ! You have such a beautiful heart dear Mary, and your heart can be felt in each of your creations. You have a wonderful gift really.


Aw Bless you Sweatheart ~

Aw Bless you Sweatheart ~ thank you so much!

I just open my heart to The Love of God, as so do you, and all of the other beautiful Souls who come and go here.
And with God, all things are possible!

I love you!