Be a Pearl-Diver

God said:

Life is not snow, and you are not a snow shovel that shoves it away. Play in the snow while it exists.

Life will melt on its own. It will change of its own accord.

Yes, life is a mirage. Let it be then a mirage that you make the most of. Embrace it.

In life, it is not intended that you wait for another mirage.

Do not starve yourself until you can afford to eat in a fine restaurant. Eat a sandwich now. Take a bite out of life. But do not eat everything in sight.

Sometimes you have let yourself get so fatigued you can hardly lift a finger.

Sometimes you have let yourself get fatigued in order to prevent life. You sped around and wouldn't land.

When you get out of bed, you are to move. Life is to move in. You are a being who moves in life. You do not idle away life all the time. Nor do you always grab everything. You balance idling and grabbing. Life is to move on in.

When you got up this morning, you got up. You rose. You rose in order to meet life.

You are meeting life now. Right now is a particle of life. Right now life is the pasture you are in. It is meant to foster you. You are to grow in it. You grow by moving. Avail yourself of where you find yourself now. And then get up from it.

Life is not sitting still.

Life is your playground. It is to play in.

Life appears to be segmented, but that is only appearance. Life flows, and you flow in it. Flowing is movement. Life is not standing still. Life is not for you to hesitate or debate about. You chose life a long time ago. If you have seemed to abandon your relationship with life, re-choose now. Life is not to abscond from. It will find you in any case.

Life is like a department store. You find yourself in one department or another. Enjoy the department you are in. Then it is easy to move on to the next. Each department holds a treasure for you. But you have to look, and then you will find. Each station you are at holds a key to the next.

Life is like hopscotch. One step at a time. But not too much pause in between.

There is no getting away from life. It is something to get into. Or dive into, and then come up and see where you are and what you have come up with. Be a pearl-diver in life. All the sea waters contain pearls.

Perhaps your search in life is for hearts to touch. How many hearts can you touch today? How many hearts can you bring out of the bulrushes? How many hearts can you awaken? How many hearts can awaken yours? If you can have only this in life, the reaching of hearts, would you not be fortunate? Take what life offers you, and hold it up to Me as an offering.

Hearts are gold. Have you not sought gold? Seek the gold of your heart today. Melt your heart and let it flow molten, warming the earth.

There is nowhere your heart cannot go. Let it flow where it will. The attraction of your heart is to other hearts, for they also contain gold.

You are hastening your journey to Heaven. You are leaping to Heaven. Hearts entwined alight to Heaven. The gold flowing to and from hearts is that which you might call ordinary love.