banish fear

Enough of Fear!

God said:

You can always point to substantial reasons for your fears. Fears and the causes are very real to you. Who could not be afraid in this or that circumstance, you ask. You even fear for your physical life, as if it were in your hands to extend. When you know there is a God in Heaven who takes care of you and all beings, you will have less fear and take more responsibility for yourself.

God's Unbounded Love

God said:

Faith is a theme. It is like an emblem on a T-shirt smack in the middle of your chest.

Faith is also a winding pattern as on the hem of a skirt.

Faith is interior and exterior. If we look at you as a round globe, the outer line of you is the center amplified.

Faith is not something you hunt. You do not achieve it. Allow it, and it will be there, a full assemblage of faith.

God Asks

God said:

When you accept where and what your Real Existence is, you won't be possessed so much by the fears that presently possess you. Will you agree that fear has you in its clutches, that it often motivates you?

What does fear think it is? It thinks it is premonition, and it thinks it is insurance. It thinks it is a seer and a swordsman in one. It thinks it is your defender when it is your undoer.

But fear doesn't really think at all. It is you who does the thinking for it. Fear uses you to make itself big, and you comply.

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