Enough of Fear!

God said:

You can always point to substantial reasons for your fears. Fears and the causes are very real to you. Who could not be afraid in this or that circumstance, you ask. You even fear for your physical life, as if it were in your hands to extend. When you know there is a God in Heaven who takes care of you and all beings, you will have less fear and take more responsibility for yourself.

Fear is not a responsible thing. Fear says you are helpless. You realize, of course, I am not telling you to put your hand in fire or to swim in a depth over your head when you don't know how to swim. I do not advise you to be foolish. But Our definitions of foolish are not always the same.

Reckless fear is one of the most foolish things you involve yourself in. It is always fear of something, but all your precious fears are wasteful. At best, they are ineffective, for fear breeds fear and leaves you desolate in its wake. All fear is reckless, for fear exiles Truth.

Even if the wolf is at your door, fear is weakening. Fear does not protect you. It does not keep the wolf away. It attracts the wolf. Fear is like fly paper; it attracts flies. Are not your fears like flies swarming?

Become occupied with love rather than fear. Discount fear. It would distract you from love. Fear says Boo in a loud unending voice. All fear can do is scare you and fend you away from life. Fear would scare you off. It would keep you huddled in a corner of your mind. The best you can do with fear is tread water, but you are someone who wants to move forward in life. You are not meant to be restricted from meeting life and relishing it and diving into it.

Fear is an accumulation of past thought. If opposite be, fear is the opposite of letting go. Starting now, love yourself enough to let go of fear. Fear waxes and wanes, but you are forever. Fear is no match for you, for you are Wholeness Incarnate.

You are not meant to hold fear. It is elusive in any case, for you can't catch up to all of it anyway. Fear arises, and then you find reason for it. Your identification of fear precedes the cause you pick out of a hat. You will most likely not run out of projected causes, but you can run out of fear. Haven't you by now had enough?

I think you have served your sentence of fear and now you can get out from under it. Imagine what life will be when you are not clouded with fear of it.

Step aside from fear. If it won't leave you alone, keep going anyway. Don't look for it over your shoulder. You can outdo fear. It is your choice.

I do not say it is a snap for you to abandon fear. You have toted it around for a long time, but you will not feel lost without it. You can get along very well without it. Fear is just a scavenger who has been feeding off you. Give fear its walking papers today.

I did not create you to be fearful. I did not create fear, so it is not even that you are to be fearless. Fearless is no more valid than fearful. Erase the word "fear" in all its forms from your vocabulary and from your thoughts. If you did not have a word for fear, would it have become so important to you? Step over fear now. Forget it ever existed. It didn't exist, except in your imagination. Use your imagination now for something you would like to bring closer to you.