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Asking for protection and help.........

Hi all and all in the dimensions apart from Earth.
My name is Carol and I have written in here before but today I am asking the 'heavens' and all who can help to do so please.
Love to you all,

Dear Carol, A prayer I

Dear Carol,

A prayer I like.

With unconditional love,

Come Michael dear
protect me here,
your Presence near
I have no fear.

The day is come,
the Earth is raised,
God’s will is done,
his name is praised.

Lord Michael cut
the gordian knot,
I am now free
the truth to see.

I give my love
to God Above,
Lord Michael be
always with me.

Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Thank you Paula. So kind of

Thank you Paula.

So kind of you to post that to me.

I allow peace and love only into my life and into the lives of my children and their children.
Mirror (Carol)

Dearest Carol, my heart

Dearest Carol,
my heart leaps out to you, I hold you tight in a loving embrace and you and your family will be in my prayers and meditations. If you'd like to, you can send me your picture at my home mail: bdelaini [at] faswebnet [dot] it and I will put your picture on my pooja (altar) with all my other prayers to our beloved Father. We are all God's children, facing different difficulties, so pls don't feel you are alone with what is happening to you and your family. Feel free to contact me at any time, I would be glad to help you in some small way. God is watching you as close and allert as the eyelid guards the eye, never doubt that, although at times we may not feel so.
All my love and

Dear Berit, I did write to

Dear Berit,
I did write to your email but it came back undeliverable.
I will try again later.
Thank you for your kind offer.
Love Carol

Dear Berit, Thank you for

Dear Berit,

Thank you for your kind offer of help.

Thank you,
Love Carol

Dearest Carol, any foto you

Dearest Carol,
any foto you will send me is ok, our Angels in Heaven know in any case to whom my prayer for help and protection must go. You can't never ask too much dear, love never ends. pls feel free to contact me for anything that you may need, what ever it might be.
Immense love and blessings to you dear.

Dear Berit, Sorry but the

Dear Berit,
Sorry but the photos or the email keeps coming back to me.
I could post the photos here if you like.

my email directly

my email directly is
caroline_ [at] iinet [dot] net [dot] au
if that helps.

There is always a solution.
Love Carol

Dear Carol, did send you

Dear Carol, did send you private mail just now, let's see if it works
otherwise you can send foto here I think.
All my love

Dear Carol, I feel the need

Dear Carol,
I feel the need to add just another comment, and that is that we must always respect the free will of every person, just like God respects ours. So, it's ultimately to your daughter and to her father to resolve this issue they have.
With unconditional love,

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Hi Paula, Yes, you are

Hi Paula,
Yes, you are completely correct and I do feel this way too. yes, you are right and so be it.

Dear Carol and all the

Dear Carol and all the beautiful Heavenreaders who responded to Carol's request --

I just discovered the posts here, and you will see I deleted a lot.

Carol, I feel your hurt and your heart very much, and I understand a difficult situation.

With all respect to you and your situation, please excuse me for deleting, and I would like to tell you why.

If we enter details here about others who have hurt us and hurt those we love, we are entering negativty into the forum, and this will pull down the energy of this whole group. When I read your entry, my heart sank. I started to feel what you are feeling. We want to communicate a higher vibration here.

This just isn't a place to pour out the grizzly details of a heartbreaking situation. If one does it, pretty soon others will too, and we'll all be crying.

Perhaps your dilemma could be expressed in a general way. Something like: What do we do when someone repeatedly seems to hurt us and those we love. What is our place in this, and how do we handle it? I don't want to interfere, and yet I don't quite know how to sit idly by.

That's just the idea of what I mean. You would do it better, Carol.

We are not a prayer group. There are plenty of sites that are. This is not our purpose.
We are here to get closer to God.

Please don't anyone be offended. Carol, maybe you were supposed to write all this, so that this issue of keeping negativity out of this forum could be addressed.

God bless you all always.

With love,


I apologize.

I apologize.

Sorry too from my behalf

Sorry too from my behalf dear Gloria,
a dear hug !!
All my love

Carol and Berit, You naughty

Carol and Berit,

You naughty girls! You have nothing, nothing, nothing to apologize for. You are dears for understanding. I might have done exactly the same thing.

I feel like a warden!

Thank you for being so nice about it.

You are truly angels.

With love and blessings,


Gloria Angel, everything is

Gloria Angel, everything is ok, don't worry. Never can you be a warden as you already are fully engaged in being a most beautiful Angel writing God's love letters all day!!
Love you dear

Dear Gloria do you really

Dear Gloria

do you really think and believe
that writing about a situtation
that is troublefulll

lets the vibration of a forum go down?

for me it is the contrary:

if the person in trouble what ever kind
gets such support

this lifts the vibration

and I do not believe that
God is that one
who says :

"dear your vibration is too low
I can help you
when your vibration is higher....

go home
and stay by yourself
and then talk to me
when you vibrate higher,,,,"

I always thought
that a group like this
is for supporting, tooooooooo

for any information

here is my email

if there is any trouble
or you are in need
you can write to me

I am not in concern of my vibration

it is as high
as i want it ....

veronika [dot] walch [at] swipp [dot] de

in deep love and service

love/laugh light and JOY and FUN - Confidence/ Trust and TRUTH

Seeking community

Seeking community support/advice in a more generic way feels more effective than going into details. If a community member wishes to offer personal support and get involved in the details, so be it. Does this feel right to everyone?

"We are not a prayer group. There are plenty of sites that are. This is not our purpose.
We are here to get closer to God."

Maybe we should look at creating a guidline (which the community helps create) about the ideals of the forum. It's clear that the forum attracts open minded readers looking to deepen their spirituality.

Heavy content will effect sensitive people. There are many(all?) sensitive members in this community. People of Heart. People of Heart feel the pain of others. Should our content uplift rather than bring down?

To the community: Does it feel right to you that we keep things on a high vibration here? When there is a genuine need for advice, lets keep it general so that it can benefit anyone with a simillar situation.

Dear Carol, a warm warm welcome here. As you can clearly feel, the people of this forum are angels, always ready to offer their help and service. Your posts and presence here is appreciated. See how you're helping us progress by bringing up such an interesting topic.

[note: One may set their personal contact form to on in the account settings, which allows community members to send messages to each other.]

I agree with Veronika. I

I agree with Veronika. I don't think that negativity will go away just by ignoring it, and I don't think God will refuse a person only because their vibration isn't high enough. Yes, it may be better not to enter into too much details, but if we close this forum to people who are in need of help, then what's the purpose of this forum. We'd be like little angels sitting on pink clouds playing our harps. And where would this leave all the human beings in need of help?

I think we are all here to help each other, and those who are ahead of the others, should give a hand to those who are behind. The vibration of this forum is made by the people who write here, and I think that the vibration is high enough to support and transform the negativity that may come in.

Thank you, Carol, for bringing up this issue.
With unconditional love,

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Wun Luv posted a beautiful

Wun Luv posted a beautiful comment above which honors everyone. I'm going to read it again.

Adrachin emailed me and tactfully suggested it is better to just stay out of the front lines.
I know what he means! He also advised me to just delete messages rather than leaving any of it up there. I would delete anything not well-intentioned without batting an eye. But this that I partially deleted was posted in total innocence with only good intentions.

Veronika and Paula, I applaud you for saying what you feel. And I loved that the original writer had found the Heaven forum a good safe place where she could pour her heart out.

For anyone who doesn't aleady know, Paula and Veronika are two translators who are deeply dedicated to Heavenletters in their actions as well as hearts.

It's a tricky thing, a forum. It is your forum. It's not mine. And yet the forum represents Heavenletters.

In this forum, everyone can post without having their postings having to be moderated before they go up. There are many sites where postings wait in a queue for someone to approve or disapprove them.I don't like that at all.

No one is being turned away. No one is being banned. There is absolutely no reason to.

We all have to vent once in a while. Many of our ex-husbands could have a book written about them and all they did and do wrong, including the wrongs to the children. But not here, not here.

With love and blessings,


My Dearest Sweet

My Dearest Sweet Gloria,
After reading the above posting and all the replys, I have to say that it was quite a suprise. If anywhere I have felt safe from the negativity of the world it is here. It is a safe haven. I also have had reason to call out for help but by the grace of God I have a place to go when it gets so bad i can hardley stand it and even there I try not to spread negativity by going into the details of the tradgey. Here it is like coming home to that one place that is safe, if I were to start reading about how bad things are on a wordly and personal level it would change the flavor of Heaven Letters. I can just walk out my door to experience that. But as usual God does everything for a reason and as usual we trust in him. Please keep Heaven Letters as pure as you have been, Dear Sweet Guardian Angel.
With much love and gratefullness

Carol, I used to have a list

Carol, I used to have a list of some great prayer groups. I don't know what I did with it.
Of course, the best known is Unity Prayer.

Here is a link to a website that sounds like it would be helpful when we're going through something:

Would really love to see more posts from you, dear angel.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Hi Gloria and all who have

Hi Gloria and all who have responded to this post of mine I began..........
Didn't mean to upset anyone or cause such a stir but maybe I was supposed to do so.
Anyway............the father of my daughters of whom I wrote for god to help, is not an "x-husband" - broken family type problem. He has social emotional mental issues of which has has had for many years and so I suppose for him, being here on earth is extremely horrible and he is affected by low vibrational essence. Many people are and if talking about them helps us and them then that is a good thing.
However, I do completely see your viewpoint dear Gloria.
I reached out to love and that was this site of which has given me comfort in the past is all.
I have through doing so had wonderful conversations with Berit of which I am very grateful so that is a good thing to have come out of this.
I am focusing on pure light and love and asking god for guidance and placing the problem into the universe.
Thank you for all who thought of me.
Love Carol :big

So happy you're back, dear

So happy you're back, dear Carol, and focusing on pure light and love.

We all have thought of you, angel.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Dearest Carol, I just wanted

Dearest Carol,
I just wanted to say that I'm really happy having read just now your beautiful reply. :big
I am ever so glad so see once again that love accomplishes everything.
You are firm in my prayers and in the love of all those who surround you dear.
Love, blessings, hugs and kisses :wub: