As in Heaven

God said:

I am a God of Angels. That means you are one. Wrapped within your cells is My divinity. The Divine creates divine.

True, you are also a Human being, but that is only part of you, not all of you. You have separated yourself from your divinity. You have separated yourself from Me as well, and therein lies your error.

I never threw you out of the Garden. You fell to earth of your own accord. You accepted that you had let go of divinity. You decided you no longer belonged in the Heaven of My thought. You backed away. You backed out. It was your choice, and you have passed that on. You didn't realize that you had a choice, and those that have followed you haven't been aware either.

But choice is yours, not Mine. I made up My mind long ago when I created you eternal in the image of My divine soul. I could not bequeath you less. I could not give you only a small part of Me. I had to give you all of Myself, and you do carry the bulk of Me within your heart.

Awaken to the contents of your heart.

Come back to your awareness of Me, and you will have accepted your divinity. You are so timid to learn this. But upon learning this one thing lies the crux of your existence. You have had partial existence, and it is not enough. Awake to the truth of yourself. More than divine spark is within you. All of divinity surges within you and longs to reveal itself. Hold it back no longer.

You need not concern yourself with loss of expression of your Humanness. You are way ahead on that score. Now is time to let the undeveloped sector of you rise to the fore.

Do not think that divinity requires fortitude or some nobleness that you do not possess. You possess all the ingredients.

Furthermore, divinity is not noble, or, We can say, it knows not of nobility. It only knows the joy of being. Divinity reigns for the joy of expression. It seeks no reward except the eminent reward of extreme closeness with Me. That extreme closeness bears the name of Oneness.

You seek your reward. Your reward is now. Would you settle for a bigger house or youthful skin? Do not settle. Accept all that I give you.

You made a choice before you were born that you would find your true self. Your true self is the fortune you are seeking. Long buried, it longs to come out of hiding. It was meant to blossom in the light of day. The light of day is the Sun, and the truth of you longs to shine in the sunshine of existence.

Into your daily life come I. I wriggle from your soul. I am light rising. It is not that you let Me escape from you. It is that you rise with Me. Together we wrap the universe in Our arms, and together We scale the heights of Heaven. You cannot do it without Me, and I do not want to be without your full participation any longer. So let's shake hands on this:

From this day forward you will suspect the divine wholeness within you, and you will respect and encourage its coming out. Hold your hand out to it, Our mutual divinity, and offer it to yourself so that all may see what they too can be in the light of day on Earth as in Heaven.