One Sin

God said:

Your heart cannot be hurt. Any squeeze you may feel in your heart is a contraction of it. That contraction, which is a closing, you feel as pain. Do not contract your heart, and heartache will vanish.

All the seven-named sins have to do with contraction. When there is envy, you have contracted your heart. You felt, wittingly or unwittingly, that someone else has something that you were denied. Instead of taking pleasure in the success of one whom you consider another, you feel loss, and so your heart is pained.

Envy is just another aspect of greed, which is the desire (not bad of itself) to have it all. It is My Will that you do desire to have it all. Further, it is My Will for you to know that you do already possess it. It is only you who denies yourself because of your great belief in loss and gain, loss and gain. Start to think that there is only gain in life, and you will be closer to the truth. Where could greed exist when you know that you already have everything? What is left to covet?

It is not another man's wife you want. You want the happiness you think she will bring to you. There is something else you yearn for beyond the given name of any desire. You believe you lack something. False belief.

Sloth, for instance, has to do with your belief in time and the shortage of it. Idleness is nothing more than trying to expand time and hold on to the little that you believe is all you have. Believe in infinity, and what you call sloth will disappear.

What is stealing but the thought that someone else has that which rightfully belongs to you? Stealing is not believing in yourself enough. You think someone or something has stolen from you, and you are just going to take it back.

Believe instead that treasure is created. Your heart of creation is ever full; you can make rather than take. A personal fear that someone else has a bauble that you want and can't have any other way is the cause of stealing. Paint a larger picture of yourself.

You even think that another's life is something for you to take into your own hands, as though their life takes away from yours, as though they are in your way, as though they are the only thing preventing your happiness, and you kid yourself that taking their life is giving you something, some vindication, somehow replacing powerlessness with power.

But power doesn't take. Power allows giving. Yours is the power to give, to allow, but not to take. There is no need for the gesture of taking. Rather, allow yourself to receive.

There is enough life for all. Vitality is yours.

What sin have I left out?

But you see, there is only one sin, and that is to think you are without. You are within My heart, and I have given you all I possess. Open your eyes to your wealth, and there will be no stealing. There will be only giving.

One who has so much can only give.

There is no need to take.

There is no need to save and withhold. Hoard not.

Give Me away. I am limitless. So are you.

That ordinary body that surrounds you has limits, but the limits of the body have nothing to do with you, the heart of you, the you I created in My image, the infinite you, the real you who has My heart. We could say that you have stolen My heart, and therefore there is nothing else remaining for you to take.

My heart beats within yours. It beats within all.

There is a life force so great it is called God. Hallow-ed be My name.