You Are a Seeker

God said:

How far do your thoughts extend? What are you thinking about? That is how big your world is. How big is your world?

Yes, you must dust the table, but your thoughts can be on more than the tables that gather dust. There are bigger pieces to your life.

A charming assignment is to think of Me. I will accompany you. Taking Me with you is like riding in a regal coach. It uplifts you. It takes you out of the details of life. It escorts you to greater horizons.

Truly, you are not content with everything just as it is, or not for long, and yet you like to anchor yourself where you have been.

More than a rut, you have dug yourself a trench, and you are wrapped and rapt in it.

I will help you see over it.

I will be no trouble to you. Be not afraid. Do not tremble at your awareness of My presence. You have My presence regardless. Might as well have the awareness. Your awareness of My presence will not hold you back. It will enlighten you.

There is no bigger thinker than I am. There is no one whose mind covers the circumferences Mine does. There is no heart that churns the world as Mine does. Now you will know and accept that My heart and mind exist in yours, and you have grand purpose. Your purpose is much more than to get through your personal existence as safely as you can.

Who said, "Fear no danger"? Was it I? I will say it now. Abandon that one concept of danger, and you will surge forward. The danger is fear. There is no other. Fear is a manifestation of attachment to present circumstances. Why must things stay the same?

You long for growth and you fear it.

What would keep growth away but fear?

Fear is fear of loss, and yet, deep in your heart, you no longer want things as they are. Indeed, you seek more. But your seeking is start and stop. Let your seeking continue unbroken. Let your seeking lead somewhere.

Lead yourself by the nose.

The harbor you are presently moored in may be no safer than what you call a strange harbor. The next harbor may be the one made for you, waiting for you, calling to you.

A seeker is not one who seeks safety. Seeking only safety is too much of a compromise for a child of Mine. That is selling your heritage for a potage of herbs. Your heritage is what you are capable of. It is not meant to be a safe compromise. Compromises carry their own danger.

Step out. Step out. Step out of your borders.

This is another way of telling you to be open. Be open to life, not closed. Be open to greater swaths. Be open.

You are on an adventure, not a repetitive walk on the same path.

There is something out there for you. There is something for you to move toward.

Whatever you have been, or think you have been, you are mistaken. You are not a bystander to life. You are a participant. And you participate in My happiness. My happiness overflows onto you, and you have to pick it up. I keep moving, and so must you also.

The moving I speak of is greater than physical. It is the movement of your heart. What does it encompass?

Consider your heart a radar that is far-seeing and far-seeking.

Start looking for what your heart has nudged you about. Start looking. Start looking up, and see vastness before you.