As Close to You as Infinity

God said:

Somewhere over the rainbow Our Hearts are One. Over the rainbow is right where you are now. There is no away place. There is no far. If We can say anything, I think We can say that there is only near, and that's where love is. It is right in you. You are a harbor for love.

You cannot be nearer or dearer to Me. When My love surrounds you and is in you, how can you be nearer or dearer to Me? Nothing is as close to you as Infinity, and infinite is My love. My love is stationed in your heart, and My love embraces you. When I say that love alone is, I mean love alone is. Love isn't some fol de rol. Love is, and that's it. There is no existence without love. You would not exist in illusion if there were no love. Love is what creates, and love is what is created. Without love, there would be no creation.

Truly, beloveds, you were created in the peace of love, not in chaos. Love that stays quiet is just as much love as love that bursts. And yet, love cannot stay still. Love is on the move. It is never still. It is always finding more to love in its path. Love chose you. Love blesses you. You are love. There is no more, and there can be no less. You are love without cease whatever you may think.

You ask how that can be so when you have seen, with your own eyes, cruelty. You are right. Cruelty is not love. Yet, even so, the one who is cruel cannot exist without love. Cruelty is an aberration. It is not love. It has no semblance to love. And yet, when love is the Source of All, even in cruelty there is love. There is some kind of love. Perhaps love to hurt, love twisted, yet the fire that lights is love. And you, no matter what, beloveds, you who read My words and hear the beat of My heart, you are love, and you are here to beat the drums of love.

It is not yourself that you beat the drums and your heart for. It is for love. It is for you, My chosen child, to pronounce love, announce love, pour love, pick up love, layer the world with love. If the world has been wanting and waiting, it has been waiting for you.

Borders that keep love in and hidden have been put up in your heart. In your heart, of all places! Vines of hurt grew on those erected borders. You made fences to keep love in. The fences that keep love in also keep love out. And yet, as I say those very words, there is no way to keep love out. It can be pushed down, smothered, squashed, yet it cannot be kept out.

Why would you have fences at all if you thought love was not? What is it you would keep in or out if love did not exist?

Beloveds, you have invented far and near as a way to preserve your heart. Yet this does not preserve your heart that needs no preserving. Knock down those borders. All your heart needs is to let its love loose. Let your heart have free pasture. Let it love where it will.

In an attempt to protect your heart, you restrict it. You bind it hand and foot. Untie those bounds, and let your heart go. Let your heart be free. When all hearts are freed to be the love they are, who can then infringe upon any other heart? Beloveds, let your heart be.

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Love isn't love till you give it away

I know that I am loved by my heavenly Father.
I know that because of His great Love I exsist.
He loved me before the foundation of the world.
It is because of His love I live.
It is His love that keeps me breathing.
He gave me His love and it is His love
that burns within me to give it away.
Because love is'nt love until you give it away.
He gave His love to us. Not to hide it away.
not to fear being loved. God is love and God is light
I say let His light and let His love be.
God You gave us Your love when you became flesh
You gave us Your love when you died to set us free
You became man you went about giving your Love to all.
You lived , You died , You rose again.
I thank You Father for setting me free
Thank You Father for loving me.
Thank You Father for life eternally.
Thank You for bringing heaven to earth.
Now I can freely give what what you gave.
Love , I give all my love to even those
who have never known love. And who are afraid of
of being loved
Thank You for being I AM
Now knowing who You are I can be who
you created me to be.

I'm all lit up like a storm of flames

Darling Michelle you have no idea how your words amplify what Gloria's typewriter told us about love and about God.

You make my heart jump for joy.

You speak of eternal things that few know or understand.

The LAMB was slain from before the foundation of the World. What love the Father shows. As do you

George shifting his position to see more clearly

stay lit up by staying in positon

Dear George,
I yearn more and more to see HIS throne. By my faith in HIM I go there quite often. It's in that yearning and passion to know HIM more that keeps my flame burning for our creator. And I will accomplish what I set out for. It's postioning myself as the angels do, in sitting at HIS feet and worshiping HIM, lifting holy hands and adoring HIM. It's that child like faith I will see HIS face. It's me pouring out my love on HIM, that HE pours HIS love out on me. HE pours into me, until I am overflowing with HIS love that is when I have to empty out and share HIS love on those who so desperatley need to know who GOD is. Just as Moses I must hide my face for HIS LIGHT is so bright. HE makes me to shine in the dark places.
So George keep your flame burning and by praising HIM daily .
Thank you George,
Your words encourage me so much. There are time I know HE wants me sitting at HIs feet and I'm hindered from getting there. But Its in worship to our great and glorious KING that brings healing to any and all wounds. So this is the day I will stand before HIM , that is my primary calling
At that time the Lord set apart the tribe of Levi to bear the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to minister to Him and to bless in His name unto this day.
So George may the Lord bless you continually and may HE shine HIS face upon you and may you walk in favor with God and with man.
until the Lord brings us together again, You are the apple of HIS eye.
Michelle (*:*)
Living for HIM

Michelle darling your letter makes me feel "Lit up."

Michelle you speak of worship so sweetly, like it's such a joy to just worship HIM.
For me the highest form of worship I know of is just sitting quietly while filled with AWE at what HE is to me in that second.
Sometime I have words, but they are only symbols of what my mind is trying to say about what's going on in my heart. You make my heart reach higher toward Him, and you too. I feel I'm getting to know you, know all about you.... Thanks honey

George slightly dizzy from this hight

This Letter is WHY

It's the open, free God style of this love letter that is making the Heaven Letters spread like wild fire. Gloria tells us: "Somewhere over the rainbow Our Hearts are One. Over the rainbow is right where you are now. There is no away place. There is no far. If We can say anything, I think We can say that there is only near, and that's where love is. It is right in you. You are a harbor for love."

The best response to this Letter is: "Give us more of this illumination please." Please believe me when I say that God is making Himself more and more real through these beautiful words. Thanks sweet one.

George so free he's falling apart

Oh, George...Take Care!!

My Dear George,
Oh, my!! I hope your cut heals quickly. I'm sure it will!! I will send angels to kiss it...pretty you have a preference re gender?? LOL!! the way...this "stuck out like a sore thumb" upon reading this particular Heavenletter: Did anyone else besides me notice that God uses love ONLY as a noun in this particular instance, never as a verb??

I am going to have to plunge into the archives again to research this, maybe it's a "biggie-wowie". Ya think??

Love and warm-fuzzies to you, Sweet George. By the way...did you eat the chicken soup or splash it on the wound??

Love abounds,

Bonnie darling you take my breath away

Actually Honey I only got a drop of blood in the soup, When I got the bleeding stopped, and the feeling sorry for Gorge over and done with, I heated the soup, ate about half of it, went to bed and went to sleep so quick I couldn't even pout properly.

Darling "love" seems like a noun at times while at other times it sounds, for all the world, like a verb, but on some occasions it would be classed by people who know such things as an adverb. What it really is becomes a mystery that can't be fathomed.

It's not a word at all when we say that God is "LOVE", then it is an essence that can't be spoken properly only known.

When we say "I love chocolate ice cream" It become a taste for a flavor.

If I say" "I love Bonnie" or Gloria or Jochen, or Pitta," it speaks about essence behind seeing in a certain way. So Love's a mystery. I suppose

George blinking in astonishment

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said there is love
There is no more and no less
Love is and that's it

God said love creates
Love is what is created
Whatever you think

God said you are love
Truly in the peace of love
You were created

Love, Light and Aloha!

Alohalight..Do you really know who-you-are??

Oh sweet Alohalight...It's time again for me to thank you...THANK YOU!!

Your messages here at Heavenletters are the strata at which we we can all commune.

I am in respect and awe at God touching your heart and fingers to bring us that ever-reverberating message and "rhythm" that God intends.

You are SO BLESSED, and you SO bless Us here at Heavenletters!! Thank you God for Alohalight...


Dear Bonnie, I've been "off

Dear Bonnie,

I've been "off world" for a week and have just read your beautiful message here. Your heartlight brings tears to my eyes. And yes, We are all so blessed with the love that God brings Us through the Heavenletters that Gloria receives. Thank You God for putting Us all in touch with One another here in Heaven's commune.

Love, Light and Aloha!


The sentence above has such a delicious ring to it! A harbor for love. I think of
ships out at see in a storm, winds blowing wildly, boats tossing, and the skies are dark, and
then I stop and think, but "I am a Harbor for Love". and if that is the case,
a harbor IS meant to be a warm, cozy, wondrously protected place because that's the way
God Intended all harbors to be.

Thank you, God!