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I cannot be drained, I cannot be dried
Oh, the nights I’ve pained, all the tears I’ve cried
Gathered in the shell where my heart once dwelled
But it shrunk and blinked and linked
In a chain with other fellow hearts
And they came together like a puzzle parts
Spelling truths of love and joy
Would it be a girl or would it be a boy
That would come to me, bringing me my toy:
A jeweled crown on velvet cushion
And a silver key to push in
The tiny lock in my subconscious
Magnifying the proportions
Of everything I knew
Forget the past and start anew
And please don’t be afraid they say
There’re armies waiting at your aid
All has been times fold paid
In advance; come, join the parade


Ariel...You have an amazing

Ariel...You have an amazing way of expressing yourself...which through content and style draws one in to take part of your sensitive Heart...thanks soooo much for being Who You Are...michael:)

Gratitude -- the best

Gratitude -- the best prayer
I am glad you liked it, Michael :) here is some more wordy painting for you...

Fortuna Floating

Ask Fortuna

So what could it now be

That troubles you and me

And grabs us by the throat

Is it a broken oath

Or may it be an evil spell

What may Fortuna tell?

Is there Wisdom on your path

Lying relaxed in jeweled bath

Is there Love, brushing her hair

And then the tail of her mare

Is there Faith, riding her horse

Racing victorious over remorse

Is there Justice, sharpening her sword

Until it’s sharp enough to split a cord

Is there new Truth, balancing her scales

History is on the left, on the right are fairytales

Fortuna nods her head with graceful smile

Fortuna knew ahead, she knew it all the while

© Ariel 2007

i love it, Ariel and i love

i love it, Ariel and i love the name reminds me of a divine protector in some fairy tale, called life...mike:)

Oh, yes… this fairy tale

Oh, yes… this fairy tale happens to be my favorite...