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The Divine Child Within

Open your heart and let Love flow
Let it be as the stable
Where Light did glow

Celebrate with angels bright
The child within
Doth glow with Light

Realise that inside of you
There lives a child
Of golden hue

A child of God born of Earth
Gently sleeps
Awaiting rebirth

Awake awake unto Love's Light
See Father Mother
Shining bright

Sages old are by your side
Their love awaits
To help and guide

Commemorate this time on earth
Release your Self
In Holy Birth

May Christmas herald the re-birth of The Divine Child
within each and every one of you!




Precious and True...Blessed

Precious and True...Blessed Mary...ohhh sooo Precious...mike:)

and The Angels/God/Christ/All in One, One in All are giving me tingles now as i silently think and say your name....Mary...there's a definate connection with the energy of that One...with your Name and the Love you offer from Within to the World...just thought i'd share :)

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your wondrous comment Mike!

No words needed, 'the tingles' (as you well know) speak for themselves!

Sending you much Love and many many Blessings from my heart to yours ~