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Are You God Fearing?

Are You God Fearing?

Scott, so many of my children have been taught to fear God. This fear they believe, is the fear and reverence of God. This thought is found in the scriptures throughout and is a mistranslation by those who translated the bible as you know it today.

I know you have been taught differently by those of the clergy who have motivations of keeping you in the faith. They are of the persuasion that if they teach you the fear of God and that God is to be feared, that this will somehow keep you on the “straight and narrow”, so to speak. In actuality, they have caused you a great disservice in your understanding of God, its nature, character and how God operates and relates to you.

GOD NEVER HAS TO BE FEARED! I repeat…GOD NEVER HAS TO BE FEARED! Neither does God want you to fear it. You see, God, the divine, the creator does not have an egotistical view of itself. God has a knowing. God has understanding. The divine perceives differently than how most who you have been raised to perceive.

This teaching is an “old energy” teaching that has worked to put my people under guilt and servitude of others throughout countless generations of time. This teaching again goes back to the premise that God is conditional in its love for you. God is not conditional in its love for you…you are. Mankind does not understand my fatherly and motherly nature that I possess.

You have been taught a doctrine of patriarchy, that God is an angry God and that HE (male image) is out to consume you if you mess up and sin. The scriptures passed down to you seem to support this premise. The church and other religious organizations, as well as your parents, have told you this mis-truth of me…and you believed it “hook, line and sinker”.

Do you as parents want your children to be afraid and scared of you? If you do, you have a warped idea of who you are, and who your children are. Parents are to be the loving support of their children even if they disagree with their behavior. They are to model love and kindness so that their offspring will have a better feeling of who God is. This is a great responsibility of parents. If they fear you…they will inherently fear me, for they will project the love of their parents onto their God. This will be experienced as a false reality of God to your children. You cannot fear me and love me at the same time…the two things just don’t mix.

I ask you this question…how can you fear God and love God at the same time? I know many believe this can be done…but it is impossible. As long as you fear me, or think I am out to “get” you, or condemn you for your sins, you will not completely love me. Our relationship will be lop-sided and imbalanced in a negative way. You cannot fear God and love him at the same time.

If you think this way it will sabotage our relationship. It will hurt our intimacy and our love relationship. You will not be able to come into a place of friendship with me…how can you be my friend if you have this idea I am out to get you someday? I can’t be a good reality can it my child? Do you understand that I will not treat you like your earthly parents did? They taught you judgment, and that God was mean, like them, at times. I am not like them my precious child. My ways are so much different than what you have been modeled and taught by them. My love is completely without any conditions, because I accept you my beloved as you are. I always have, and I always will…world without end…eternally…unconditionally…no, “ifs, ands, or buts” about it.

God is not a man that he will lie to you. When God says it, you can embrace and believe it. You can stake your very life on it. I will not fail you. Others will fail and forsake you, but I will not my precious child…my love.

So, please change your belief here about fearing me…it is unnecessary and irrelevant to our relationship…in fact, it is a sick belief and one that will not serve us. Put it away. Divorce yourself from this belief. When you do this, and realize that there is nothing you can do or act to deserve my wrath, you will be on the road to wholeness. When you embrace this new thought, which is actually not a new thought, that I love you and want to have an intimacy and friendship with you, and that I am not out to hurt you or destroy you…all will be well with you.

You will then begin to notice that your life unfolds and blossoms as a rose. You will come into a relationship that will transcend all earthly relationships. You will have a love you have never experienced heretofore. Are you ready for this new relationship? You can only be ready as you shed the old and take on the new. The older teachings will not serve our relationship any more. You have this choice my child…it is all in your power to change this old belief and replace it with the new one…the one that will serve you and me throughout all eternity.

I always love you…


This is a most important

This is a most important aspect of our relationship with God/Life/our divinity. I am glad you brought this topic up, and I think everyone should read and reflect on this and see what is his or her innermost truth about the relationship with God. Fear of God is really deeply radicated in many of us because of how we grew up and were tought. We need to come to a "new spirituality" and a "new understanding and relationship" with God if we want to express ourselves fully as divine beings in human body in this journey.
A most beautiful Godwriting this here, as all your Godwritings are. You are a wonderful source and a wonderful messenger.


Hi sweet Berit, I can count

Hi sweet Berit,
I can count on you most the time to read the Godwritings tm that come to me.
You are a special soul and it only tells me that you have such a deep love for God.
I have some important news for you my beloved...God loves you with an immeasurable love that cannot be concieved by you...only one day will you really understand and know the completeness of this divine love for you.

Blessings and Love,


Dearest Scott, I love your

Dearest Scott,
I love your heart and the divine love you shower on us all. I think today I got an extra share of perceiving that immeasurable love. You are right, it cannot be concieved by me, I have glimpses, and usually they are overwhelming, they are still, deep and I rest in awe.

Today was a miracle for me (like all days but you know what I mean), a very special miracle for God came to me physically, the Divine Mother, Sri Mata Amritanandamay Devi, known as Amma, is in Milan. (today a least 2.500 visitors) I cannot express my joy, love and feelings it's beyond everything. One of the things we did was breathing and letting go and open up our hearts and so on. When I did that my heart did not "stop" opening and expanding at the usual "level", it went on and on and I felt that all the huge building we were in was like that, we were right in the sun of never ending love, I felt that physically. Amma was the core of the sun, the love and energy she brings with Her and sets in motion is incredible. Everything melts before such divine love, everything, ego melts away, every disagreement, discussion, thoughts, only peace and silence and joy and stillness, at such a deep level that it's impossible to describe. I am really blessed to have had this special glimpse of divine love.

Love and blessings from Italy !

Hi sweet Berit, What a sight

Hi sweet Berit,

What a sight to see Amma, she is so full of love isn't she? I saw a video of her and it was amazing. People lined up for hours just to get a hug from her loving embrace. Were you able to hug her too? It is awesome to be filled with this much love isn't it?

More blessings and love to you,



Dearest Scott, it is really

Dearest Scott,

it is really awesome to filled with such divine love, yes. I felt so clearly that that is who I am, this love is me. Amma was here for 4 days and I stayed as much as possible. I was quite near Her most of the time, being tall I could see Her perfectly well and I just enjoyed looking at divine love shining and shining. time didn't exist any longer. I was able to get Her embrace twice, once alone and once with my beloved. when She looked at me and Her eyes held mine, my heart did miss a beat and I couldn't breath. I still feel Her cheek on mine, whispering sweet things in Her language (I think tamil), and She (She!!) kissed my hand and bowed to me. I would have stayed in Her arms forever. Divine experiences can't be expressed in words, but I hope the feeling behind comes thru.
I have a wonderful wonderful video of Amma, it just shows her amongst people, embracing them, in different countries with all sorts of people, kids and babys, it's Heaven, you can see Her for the love She really is. I can send you copy of this if you are interested. Let me know.
God is love and love is all there is. Love is really the highest vibration and the more powerful. We were so many many people and we did sing with all our love and joy the glory of God, many different devotional songs, it amazing the energy that is set free that way. Saying a collective prayer for peace, for the world, for all living beings, for the whole creation - doing this with hundreds or thousands of people is a heavenly experience, it enters in every single cell of the body, an amazing power of love.

As Neale Donald Walsch says, when in doubt, answer this question:
"What would Love do now ?" When we answer this question honestly we are constantly linked to our divinity, to God, to Life, to the Heaven within.

Love and endless joy and light to all

Wow, sweet Berit....your

Wow, sweet Berit....your experience with Amma was amazing and wonderful. Your cup has been filled and is overflowing.
Once, you experience this love, the love of the divine, you cannot be the changes EVERYTHING.

Yes, I would love to get to see your video of her. I can get it to all my friends too. Can you send it in email format or maybe post it on for many to review? This would be great if you could.

Blessings and Love,


Dearest Scott, the video is

Dearest Scott,

the video is much too long to be uploaded on youtube and my computer can't make it anyway, it would take ages.
I you like give me your complete adress and I will glady send you a copy of this dvd.
big hugs to you dear angel.


Hi Sweet Berit, Here is my

Hi Sweet Berit,

Here is my address for the video...

9303 W 87th Place
Arvada, CO 80005

You are very sweet in offering this to me.

Thanks so much,

With Love,

I totally agree with this

I totally agree with this Godwriting tm and with what Berit says only, she says it better than I would have.

There is one problem though that I have: It is the name ‘God’. To me, it is still associated with the ‘old energy’ of a male, white haired, all knowing, all powerful, judgmental, eternal father in heaven. It is still difficult for me to shake these concepts off when attached to the name of ‘God’.

Over the years, on the other end, I have gained a new understanding of the divinity that we are all part of and felt more comfortable with the names like: ‘Source’, ‘I AM’, ‘Supreme Being’, ‘Oneness’, that have appeared in the ‘new age’. This divinity, source of all being is nameless, in my view, because it is all encompassing and yet we have the need to name everything.

Maybe, after reading some more Heavenletters and Godwritings tm, will I become more comfortable with the word ‘God’ after a while. :big


Sweet Xenia, God was

Sweet Xenia,
God was engrained within me as most of us raised in Western religion. I would agree with you on the "old energy" of this name for All that Is. However, when I write, I still have an affinity with the word God. To me, it is still my normal way of expressing the divine.
As I go, and feel more comfortable with leaving the word God out, I will. For now, bear with me. I know, many of you have negative conotations of this word God. We all know deep down that God doesn't care what we call it. It knows who it is. I am getting more comfortable with words like, divinity, divine, All that is, etc. Aren't we glad the divine doesn't have an ego? :)

with Love,

I love the word God. I don't

I love the word God. I don't know a more beautiful word. Why on Earth would anyone leave out the word God or apologize for using it when it's a word that feels good to them?

I do know there are people who are uncomfortable with the word God, and there is no law that says they have to use it, nor do they have to give a reason. I think everyone should use the word that is closest to their heart. And no one need explain nor apologize for using the word that feels right to them.

For me, God is the only Name I personally relate to.When I say Dear God, I mean it. For me to say Dear Spirit or Dear Higher Consciousness or all the other names -- they feel far away from me, and I feel artificial. I don't seem to know how to love Spirit or Higher Consciousness. I love God and the Word God. When other people use other names, I know what they mean, and I'm all for their using whatever they choose.

In Santhan's Godwriting -- you can find an incredible example under Heavenpetals on the Godwriting blog -- he uses the word Bhagavan. It's right and natural when he uses it, and it's beautiful.

Please read FAQ on this website for what God says about names for Him -- and gender.

Ayn Rand was an avowed atheist. She thought believing in God was the most foolish thing she ever heard of. And yet she said, "I say Thank God a dozen times a day." She said there was no other expression to equal it.

Let's be sure on this forum that we stay with spirituality and out of the past.

God bless us all.

With love, Gloria

tomAto - tomaato potAto -

tomAto - tomaato potAto - potaato names are important individually but there resonance comes from what we've been taught or if we're free in our approach and outlook, what we've discovered to be any's merely a splitting of hairs as we realize there's more ways to express oneness than each one has hairs...with nothing to compare....with no one compared...we're free as the wind...One with the creator of all winds...we're all in the win...:)

Thanks Gloria for your

Thanks Gloria for your input. I am still "stuck" on God too. And, like you say, whatever resonates and feels good works. I certainly am not here to offend anyone. :)
I love you matter what name you refer to God...oops...did it again...

With Love,

Dearest Gloria and Scott, I

Dearest Gloria and Scott,

I hope my comment wasn’t taken as a criticism; it was rather, being honest with myself about how I felt at that moment. In this case, it is only my problem that I have to deal with.

Of course, I too allow anyone to use whatever name is close to their heart and I still use the name God, knowing that is a common denominator.

Thanks Gloria for referring me to the FAQ, I gained new understanding and what really made sense to me, was the fact, that to hold a conversation, there needs to be somebody on the other line and I love what God said:

"How you address Me is up to you. It doesn't matter to Me. You matter to Me, and I will respond to your heart."

With love to two beautiful hearts,

Dearest Xenia, I did not

Dearest Xenia, I did not feel you were criticizing. Not at all. I I felt Scott, with his beautiful heart, was possibly apologizing to you. And that's what I got up on my high horse about!

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

of course, everything and

of course, everything and everyone is to be respected...i love xenia's honesty even in the initial response, her clarity that she has her personal issues w that word with which only people and never our Creator would take, i would say to understand the basic non-importance of names or the opposite, how they lead us or our valuing leads us to defend...again...what? whom? what if It was called Dog instead? this would either be blasphame or shrugged off as a no-thing depending on what judgments or lack thereof we bring...perhaps what i say here is a no-thing, and that's cool 2...i guess our thoughts and cherished ideals, 'cause there's always an opposite when it comes to small "t" truth, are like leaves blowing in the wind...they land somewhere making their point-of-contact yet can just as easily be swept right back up to land on a different spot, on a diff point, as fate may have it...all in all everything is of the utmost importance as it leads us to Remembrance and then not at all

Dearest Xenia, I think all

Dearest Xenia,

I think all postings here are wonderful and uplifting. I never felt any criticism in anything you wrote, indeed I appreciate and thank you for your transparency and for sharing so honestly your beautiful heart with all of us.

I love the quotation you stated so much, I SIMPLY LOVE IT !!!! Only our love matters to God, our pure heart and our love and our compassion and our joy.

Thanks for all the wonderful energy you bring to this forum !!

God bless you dear

I am very much touched by

I am very much touched by EVERYBODY'S replies and thankful for this space (Heavenletter Forums) where love, understanding, compassion, and support are prevanlent and where it feels safe to share and express oneself.

Thanks dear Angels!

P.S. Dear Berit, your experiencing divine love with Amma so intensly today, must have been 'out of this world'. I'm so happy for you and thanks for sharing!