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Another Miracle for a Heavenreader

On the blog you will see another miracle as a result of God’s answer to a personal question. The person who asked her question a month ago, and the person who posted a response today, are two different people. Well, you will see this for yourself.

In this case, it was God's answer and more that worked toward the incredible change.

1. The questioner let us post her question and God's answer.

2. The comments other Heavenreaders gave were insightful and clearly instrumental.

3. Lady’s Isis’ guest entry of itself and also the synchronicity factored in.

4. Of course, the openness and willingness of the questioner herself.

My heart jumps with joy! I

My heart jumps with joy!

I read the blog and the 'miracle'. Thank you God/Gloria, Heavenreaders and especially J., for your part in it!