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A Valentine From God

Happy Valentine's Day Gloria!

On this special day of love I wanted to share with you the most ONEderful experience that happened the other night. I was yearning for God, so for the first time I wrote these words -
"Dear God, I want to hear Your Voice in my head."

Instantly...the soft, gentle, lovely Voice of God was there... and God said:

Beautiful Karen,
You have been searching for Me. Yet I have always been here with you, within you, waiting
for Our joyous reunion. You melt My Heart with your tears, as I melt yours with Mine. You see
We are so joined at the hip. You always knew this. Yet you were afraid to feel Me here with you,
always holding your hand, whispering in your ear, encouraging you, even when you doubted yourself.
I Am here with you always. Look at Me looking back at you in the mirror tonight, tomorrow, every
day See Me in you. I Am here! I Am here! Your search is over My Beloved One. We have found
each other at last.

God bless you Gloria!
Love, Light and Aloha,

Beloved Karen, this is indeed beautiful!

You know you must post this, angel. Will you kindly post it on the forum?

Certainly this will inspire others.

God bless you.

With love,


Oh Karen, that is so very

Oh Karen, that is so very very beautiful!

I am so delighted for you, and can feel your Joy.
May it be the first of many more Love Letters from The Sacred Heart of Love Itself!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience ~

Sending lots of Love your way



Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for sharing this exquisite experience. And thank you for your generous, loving heart. Loving you always...Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Dearest Karen, thank you for

Dearest Karen,

thank you for sharing this wonderful divine moment with all of us !! I am so happy and overwhelmed for the beauty and love of what you did experience. God's love is the sweetest and softest and most delicious one, far beyond our wildest dreams.

Thanks again dear Angel !
Much love and blessings